Guidelines of a Singapore visa photo, the size and requirements of the photograph, and examples.

When a foreign national applies for a Singapore visa, or any type of Pass, such as for students, employees, or dependants, they will have to submit a valid and recent Singapore visa photo.

Keep in mind that your application for a Singapore visa/pass may be denied, or at best delayed if the picture does not meet the set Singapore visa photo requirements.

Singapore Visa Photo size

When submitting a picture make sure it has the required Singapore visa photo size, both in terms of dimensions and file size.

  • Dimensions: 35mm wide x 45mm high.
    • Make sure it shows your face completely as well as the tops of your shoulders.

The Singapore visa application takes place online, as do many of the applications for employment passes and permits.

As such, the Singapore visa photo size requirements for electronic pictures are:

  • For Singapore visas and Passes (visit, long-term, work, student, dependant):
    • Format: jpg file extension
    • Size: maximum of 60 KB
  • For Singapore permanent residence application:
    • Format: jpg or jpeg file extension
    • Size: Maximum of 1 MB
  • For passport/identity card applications:
    • Format: jpg, jpeg or png file extension
    • Size: maximum of 2 MB

Singapore Visa Photo Requirements

When you submit the Singapore visa photo for your application, make sure if fulfills all of the following requirements:

  • The picture must not be older than three months.
  • The picture must be in focus and clear. Make sure no pixelation is visible.
  • It must not have any borders.
  • Your face must be fully visible and facing forward.
    • Make sure the picture is not too close. It must show your face completely, the top of your head, and the tops of your shoulders.
    • Your expression must be neutral and mouth closed.
  • Make sure your hair does not obstruct your face and you have no strands or locks of hair falling on your eyes or eyebrows.
  • Your eyes must be fully open.
  • If you wear glasses normally, wear them in the Singapore visa photo as well. However, you will have to remove them if:
    • The rim of the glass is so thick that it covers your eyes.
    • There is reflection or glare on the glass.
  • The picture must be taken against a plain white background. The wall behind you must not have any decorations or patterns.
  • The lighting of the picture must be optimal. This means,
    • No over or under exposure.
    • No shadows.
    • No reflection from a flash.
    • The picture should not be taken directly under a strong light.
  • Do not wear a hat or other types of headgear, unless it is for religious purposes.
  • If you wear religious headgear, you must make sure it does not obstruct your face.
  • Do not digitally edit your picture. This includes removing red eye, any birthmarks, scars, tattoos, or other distinguishing features.
  • If a hardcopy of the picture is required, make sure it is printed on semi-matte paper.

Additional Singapore visa photo requirements for young children

If you are traveling with a young child, and need to submit a picture for them as well, most of the aforementioned requirements apply. In addition, keep these requirements in mind:

  • You cannot be in the picture with your child.
  • Your child cannot have any toys, bottles, or pacifiers in the picture with them.
  • If you are holding them up, make sure your hands are not visible.
  • Make sure your child is facing forward.

The Singapore visa application process usually takes place online, and as such an electronic copy of the picture is required. This means you do not necessarily need to get the pictures done professionally. However, you must make sure that they meet the Singapore visa photo requirements perfectly, even if you are taking them with your phone or a camera.

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