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List of 168 countries that you can visit visa free with a Singaporean passport in 2022

Singapore’s passport is the most powerful passport in the world, tying it alongside that of Japan. Passport holders of Singapore have visa-free access to over 160 countries. To put it into perspective, I should remind you that there are only 198 countries in the world overall!

So, Singaporeans rarely have to worry about visa requirements when traveling to a foreign country for tourism and short-term purposes.

Where Can Singaporeans Travel Without a Visa?

Singaporean citizens do not need a visa to visit the following countries:

CountryVisa-free stay allowed
Albania90 days
Andorra90 days
Angola30 days
Antigua and Barbuda1 month
Argentina90 days
Armenia180 days
Austria90 days
Bahamas3 months
Barbados6 months
Belarus30 days
Belgium90 days
Belize3 months
Bosnia and Herzegovina90 days
Botswana90 days
Brazil30 days
Brunei30 days
Bulgaria90 days
Burkina Faso30 days
Cambodia30 days
Canada6 months
Cape Verde90 days
Chile30 days
China15 days
Colombia189 days
Costa Rica90 days
Côte d’Ivoire90 days
Croatia90 days
Cuba30 days
Cyprus90 days
Czech Republic90 days
Denmark90 days
DjiboutiTo be decided at the border
Dominica6 months
Dominican Republic30 days
Ecuador90 days
El Salvador3 months
Estonia90 days
Eswatini30 days
Fiji4 months
Finland90 days
France90 days
Gambia90 days
Georgia1 year
Germany90 days
Ghana90 days
Greece90 days
Grenada3 months
Guatemala90 days
Guinea30 days
Haiti3 months
Honduras3 months
Hong Kong90 days
Hungary90 days
Iceland90 days
Indonesia30 days
Ireland3 months
Israel3 months
Italy90 days
Jamaica6 months
Japan90 days
Kazakhstan30 days
Kenya3 months
Kiribati30 days
Kosovo90 days
South Korea90 days
Kyrgyzstan60 days
Laos30 days
Latvia90 days
Lesotho30 days
Liechtenstein90 days
Lithuania90 days
Luxembourg90 days
Malaysia1 month
Maldives30 days
Malta90 days
Mauritius90 days
Mexico180 days
Micronesia30 days
Moldova90 days
Monaco90 days
Mongolia30 days
Montenegro90 days
Morocco30 days
Myanmar30 days
Namibia3 months
Netherlands90 days
Nicaragua90 days
North Macedonia90 days
Norway90 days
Palau30 days
Panama180 days
Paraguay30 days
Peru183 days
Philippines30 days
Poland90 days
Portugal90 days
Qatar30 days
Romania90 days
Rwanda90 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis3 months
Saint Lucia15 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1 month
San Marino90 days
Senegal90 days
Serbia90 days
Slovakia90 days
Slovenia90 days
Solomon Islands3 months
South Africa90 days
Spain90 days
Sweden90 days
Switzerland90 days
Tanzania90 days
Thailand30 days
Taiwan30 days
Trinidad and Tobago 
Tunisia3 months
Turkey3 months
Uganda3 months
United Kingdom6 months
Uruguay3 months
Uzbekistan30 days
Vanuatu30 days
Vatican City90 days
Vietnam30 days
Zambia90 days
Zimbabwe3 months

Countries Offering Visa On Arrival or eVisas for Singapore Citizens

If you are traveling to one of the following countries, you can get a Visa On Arrival at the airport/other port of entry or an eVisa:

Comorosup to 45 daysVisa On Arrival
Egyptup to 30 days (single or multiple entries)Visa On Arrival
Iranup to 30 daysVisa On Arrival
Jordan (Not available at all ports of entry)up to 30 daysVisa On Arrival
Lebanon*1 monthVisa On Arrival
Maldives*30 daysVisa On Arrival
Marshall Islandsup to 90 daysVisa On Arrival
Mauritania ( Available at Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport)up to 30 daysVisa On Arrival
Mozambiqueup to 30 daysVisa On Arrival
Nepal15 to 90 daysVisa On Arrival
Palau*30 daysVisa On Arrival
Sierra Leoneup to 30 daysVisa On Arrival
Solomon Islands*3 monthsVisa On Arrival
Somalia (Available at Bosaso (BSA), Galcaio (GLK) and Mogadishu (MGQ) airports)up to 30 daysVisa On Arrival
Sri Lanka*30 daysVisa On Arrival
Timor-Leste (Available at Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport or at Dili Sea Port)up to 30 daysVisa On Arrival
Togoup to 6 daysVisa On Arrival
Tonga*31 daysVisa On Arrival
TuvaluUp to 30 daysVisa On Arrival
United Arab Emirates*30 daysVisa On Arrival
AustraliaUp to 90 dayseVisa
EthiopiaSingle-entry for up to 30 or 90 dayseVisa
Gabon30 to 90 days single-entry; 6 months multiple entrieseVisa
IndiaOne month to five yearseVisa
New ZealandDependseVisa
OmanUp to 10 or 30 days
PakistanUp to 3 months for tourism; up to 30 days for businesseVisa
São Tomé and PríncipeDepends on the visa.eVisa
SurinameDepends on the visa.eVisa
Ukraineup to 30 dayseVisa
AzerbaijaneVisa/ Visa on Arrival
BenineVisa: Valid for up to 30 days.eVisa/ Visa on Arrival
Visa On Arrival: Valid for up to 8 days.
KuwaitUp to three monthseVisa/ Visa on Arrival
MadagascarUp to three months.eVisa/ Visa on Arrival
MalawieVisa/ Visa on Arrival
Papua New GuineaUp to 60 dayseVisa/ Visa on Arrival
Saudi ArabiaeVisa/ Visa on Arrival

What Do Singaporeans Need for a Visa on Arrival?

To get a  visa on arrival, you must have some or all of the following documents:

  • Your valid passport. The passport must have enough blank pages for a visa or entry stamp.
  • A recent passport-size picture of yourself.
  • Proof of accommodation, such as a hotel reservation.
  • Bank statements or traveller checks, to prove you can sustain yourself financially.
  • A return travel ticket.
  • Travel health insurance.
  • Money to pay the visa fee. Check how much you have to pay and how (cash, credit card, local currency, etc).

Things to note:

  • You have to check whether the airport or entry point you will enter the country through issued visas on arrival. Most countries have specific places where they issue VOAs.
  • You may have to wait until your visa is processed. Depending on the country, it can take mere minutes or several hours.

How Can Singaporeans Apply for an eVisa?

To apply for an eVisa to one of the countries listed, you have to find the official visa application website. The site will be issued by a government body, such as a ministry. Considering that you usually have to pay a fee to receive an electronic visa, make sure that the website that you are applying through is approved and legitimate.

Visa Requirements for Singapore Citizens for Long-Term Stays

Although Singapore passport-holders are exempt from visa requirements for most countries in the world, it should be noted that the exemption only applies for short visits.

The longest amount of time Singaporeans can stay in a country without obtaining a visa is one year (and that’s only in Georgia) while the shortest amount of visa-free access is 14 days (in China). However, on average, a Singapore passport will allow the holder a visa-free stay of about three months.

This means that if you want to stay longer than the visa waiver allows, then you have to obtain the appropriate visa for that country or at least an extension of stay.

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