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List of 47 countries that you can visit visa free with a Fijian passport in 2022

Fiji is an archipelago located northeast of New Zealand, and with its natural beauties and pleasant weather, it sees millions of visitors each year. On the other hand, Fijian citizens carry the 57th most powerful passport globally, with visa-free visas on arrival, eVisa access to more than 80 countries. 

Where Can Fijians Travel Without a Visa?

If you hold a passport from Fiji, you can visit these countries visa-free:

CountryAllowed stay
Antigua and Barbuda1 month
Argentina90 days
Bahamas3 months
Bangladesh90 days
Barbados6 months
Belizeup to 180 days
Brazil90 days
Chile90 days
Colombia180 days
Costa Rica30 days
Croatia90 days
Dominica21 days
Dominican Republic90 days
Ecuador90 days
El Salvador90 days
Gambia90 days
Guatemala90 days
Haiti90 days
Honduras90 days
Hong Kong90 days
Indonesia30 days
Ireland90 days
Israel90 days
Jamaica6 months
Kenya3 months
Kiribati30 days
South Korea30 days
Kosovo90 days
Malawi90 days
Malaysia30 days
Mauritius90 days
Micronesia30 days
Nicaragua90 days
Palestine30 days
Panama180 days
Peru180 days
Philippines30 days
Russia90 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis3 months
Saint Lucia6 weeks
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1 month
Singapore30 days
Tunisia90 days
Uganda3 months
Vanuatu30 days
Zambia90 days
Zimbabwe3 months

You need to have a valid passport for your visa-free travels, usually with a six-month validity and travel health insurance. Some countries may even ask you to prove that you have booked your return flight ticket as insurance you won’t overstay the allowed period. 

eVisa Countries for Fijian Citizens 

As a Fijian citizen, you can apply for an eVisa to visit the following countries:

CountryAllowed stay
Armenia120 days
Benin30 days / 8 days
Cambodia30 days
Djibouti31 days
Ethiopiaup to 90 days
Georgia90 days
Guinea-Bissau90 days
India60 days
Kyrgyzstanup to 90 days
Laos30 days
Lesotho30 days
Madagascar90 days
Myanmar28 days
Papua New Guinea60 days
Qatar30 days
Rwanda30 days
Sao Tome and Principe30 days
South Sudanup to 6 months
Sri Lanka30 days
Suriname90 days
Tajikistan45 days
Tanzania3 months
Turkey30 days
Uzbekistan30 days
Vietnam30 days

To get an eVisa for any of these countries, you must apply for a permit online. You can find the eVisa application link on the website of the representative office of your destination country. Usually, you’re required to submit your email address, passport and travel details, along with the visa payment. 

After you complete your online application, you will receive an email informing you of the decision and a piece of documentation you have to print out and take with you. 

Where Can Fijian Citizens Get a Visa on Arrival?

If you’re a Fiji citizen, you can get a visa on arrival when you visit any of the countries listed below: 

CountryAllowed stay
Armenia120 days
Benin30 days / 8 days
Bolivia90 days
Cambodia30 days
Cape Verde90 days
Comoros45 days
Egypt30 days
Guinea-Bissau90 days
Iran30 days
Jordan3 months
Laos30 days
Macau30 days
Madagascar90 days
Maldives30 days
Marshall Islands90 days
Mauritania30 days
Mozambique30 days
Nauru30 days
Nepal90 days
Palau30 days
Papua New Guinea60 days
Rwanda30 days
Samoa60 days
Senegal90 days
Seychelles3 months
Sierra Leone1 month
Solomon Islands3 months
Somalia30 days
Sri Lanka30 days
Tanzania3 months
Thailand15 days
Timor-Leste30 days
Togo7 days
Tonga31 days
Tuvalu1 month

You can get a visa on arrival at the airport after arriving at your destination country. There should be a specific sector for visas on arrival, and there you will receive the visa application form and details regarding how to submit the visa payment. Still, you need to prepare the following documents with you for your visa on arrival: 

Please keep in mind that the list of documents is different based on where you’re going, so check with an embassy or consulate before you travel.

Visa Requirements for Fijians

You need a visa to visit any of the following countries if you hold a Fiji passport:

AfghanistanFranceNew Zealand
AndorraGhanaNorth Macedonia
Australia and territoriesGrenadaOman
BhutanItalySan Marino
Bosnia and HerzegovinaJapanSaudi Arabia
BruneiNorth KoreaSlovakia
Burkina FasoLatviaSouth Africa
Central African RepublicLiechtensteinSwitzerland
Republic of the CongoLuxembourgTaiwan
Democratic Republic of the CongoMaliTrinidad and Tobago
Co´te d'IvoireMaltaTurkmenistan
Czech RepublicMoldovaUnited Arab Emirates
DenmarkMonacoUnited Kingdom and Crown dependencies
Equatorial GuineaMongoliaUnited States

The application process for a visitor visa differs depending on which country you are visiting. But, you have to submit your visa application to a local embassy/consulate in Fiji and wait while your visa is processed. Most embassies will ask you to attend a visa interview before issuing you the permit to see your purpose for visiting your destination country.

Please remember that the documents you’re required to submit must be translated and certified by an official authority before submitting your application. 

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