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List of 33 countries that you can visit visa free with a Chinese passport in 2022

Chinese citizens were not allowed to travel visa-free to other countries until February 2014, even if the destination country allowed them to. Now, according to the Henley Report, the Chinese passport is ranked 78 when it comes to freedom of movement, allowing its citizen’s visa-free travel to 33 countries*. 

Where Can Chinese Citizens Travel Without a Visa?

Chinese citizens can travel to these countries without needing a visa:

CountryAllowed stay
Albania90 days
Antigua and Barbuda30 days
Armenia90 days
Bahamas3 months
Barbados30 days
Belarus30 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina90 days
Dominica21 days
Ecuador90 days
Fiji4 months
Grenada30 days
Haiti3 months
Indonesia30 days
Iran21 days
Jamaica30 days
Mauritius90 days
Micronesia30 days
Morocco90 days
Oman14 days
Qatar30 days
Palestine30 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis3 months
Saint Lucia6 weeks
Samoa60 days
San Marino90 days.
Serbia30 days
Seychelles3 months
Tonga30 days
Tunisia90 days
Ukraine30 days
United Arab Emirates30 days
Uzbekistan10 days
Vanuatu30 days

Documents Required for Visa-Free Travel 

If you want to visit a visa-free country, then you need to prepare the following: 

  • Passport. You need to have a valid passport, usually 3 or 6 months validity after your departure date.
  • Health insurance. Not all countries require travel insurance, but there are a few places where you cannot enter without travel health insurance.
  • Flight ticket. Some countries may require you to prove that you have booked a return flight ticket; you should check with the airline before leaving.

Countries with eVisa Options for Chinese Citizens 

The following countries allow Chinese citizens to apply for an eVisa:

CountryAllowed stay
Angola30 days
Azerbaijan30 days
Bahrain14 days
Benin30 days / 8 days
Cambodia3 months
Co´te d'Ivoire3 months
Djibouti31 days
Ethiopiaup to 90 days
Gabon1/3 months
Georgia30 days
Guinea90 days
Guinea-Bissau90 days
India60 days
Kenya3 months
Kyrgyzstan60 days
Laos30 days
Lesotho30 days
Madagascar90 days
Malawi90 days
Malaysia30 days
Moldova30 days
Myanmar28/30 days
Pakistan30 days
Papua New Guinea30 days
Russia16 days
Rwanda30 days
Sao Tome and Pri­ncipe15 days
Saudi Arabia90 days
Singapore30 days
South Sudan3/6 months
Suriname90 days
Tajikistan45 days.
Tanzania3 months
Thailand15 days
Turkey30 days
Uganda90 days
Zambia90 days
Zimbabwe3 months

Visa on Arrival for Chinese Citizens 

Chinese citizens can obtain visas on arrival when entering the following countries:

CountryAllowed stay
Azerbaijan30 days
Bahrain14 days
Bangladesh30 days.
Benin30 days / 8 days
Bolivia30 days
Brunei14 days
Cambodia3 months
Cape Verde30 days
Comoros45 days
Egypt30 days
Ethiopiaup to 90 days
Gabon1/3 months
Guinea-Bissau90 days
Iraq60 days
Jordan30 days
Kenya3 months
Laos30 days
Lebanon1 month
Madagascar90 days
Malawi90 days
Maldives30 days
Mauritania30 days
Mozambique30 days
Myanmar28/30 days
Nepalup to 90 days
Palau30 days
Rwanda30 days
Sao Tome and Pri­ncipe15 days
Saudi Arabia90 days
Senegal30 days
Sierra Leone1 month
Somalia30 days
Suriname90 days
Tanzania3 months
Thailand15 days
Timor-Leste30 days
Togo7 days
Tuvalu1 month
Uganda90 days
Zimbabwe3 months

Chinese Citizens Visa Requirements 

You need a visa to enter the following countries if you are a Chinese citizen:

AlgeriaSouth Korea
BrazilMarshall Islands
Burkina FasoMonaco
Central African RepublicNauru
ChileNew Zealand
Republic of the CongoNiger
Democratic Republic of the CongoNigeria
Costa RicaNorth Macedonia
Czech RepublicParaguay
Dominican RepublicPhilippines
El SalvadorPoland
EswatiniSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
GambiaSolomon Islands
GhanaSri Lanka
HungaryTrinidad and Tobago
IrelandUnited Kingdom and Crown dependencies
IsraelUnited States

Countries Where Chinese Citizens Are Not Allowed to Enter

Chinese citizens cannot enter the following countries:

  • Equatorial Guinea
  • North Korea
  • Kuwait
  • South Africa
  • Vietnam

Except for North Korea, Chinese citizens cannot enter the countries mentioned earlier because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Still, the admission policy may be reviewed after the pandemic is over. 

Can I Visit Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau With a Chinese Passport?

If you are a Chinese citizen, you cannot enter Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macau without special permission:

  • Hong Kong. If you want to transit through Hong Kong, you need a two-way permit. However, if you are a Chinese citizen living overseas, you need an entry and a two-way permit. Please keep in mind that now because of COVID, you cannot enter Hong Kong if you have been living in Mainland China for the last 14 days.
  • Taiwan. Unless exceptions apply, you need an exit and entry permit issued by Taiwan or a Mainland Residents Travel Permit to Taiwan with exit endorsement.
  • Macau. You need a two-way permit to Macau unless you use Macau to transit to another country within 30 days. 

Where Can I Go Visa-Free With an APEC Business Travel Card?

If you hold an APEC business travel card issued from China, then you can enter the following countries visa-free, including countries that require a special permission entry:

  • Australia- 90 days
  • Brunei- 90 days
  • Chile- 90 days
  • Hong Kong- 60 days
  • Indonesia- 60 days
  • Japan- 90 days
  • South Korea- 90 days
  • Malaysia- 60 days
  • Mexico- 90 days
  • New Zealand- 90 days
  • Papua New Guinea- 60 days
  • Peru- 90 days
  • Philippines- 59 days
  • Russia- 90 days
  • Singapore- 60 days
  • Taiwan- 90 days
  • Thailand- 90 days
  • Vietnam- 60 days

*Please note that the number of visa-free countries does not include disputed, dependent, or in-conflict territories. 

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