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Morocco travel insurance requirements, costs and coverage options

Morocco is a popular tourist destination for many travellers eager to see the Marrakech Medina, Casablanca, Rabat’s picturesque Oudaias Kasbah neighborhood, and its many beautiful mosques.

If you are planning a trip there, then – unexciting as it may be – getting travel insurance for Morocco is probably on your to-do list.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Morocco?

If you need a visa for Morocco, then travel insurance is often a mandatory requirement of the visa application. You will have to get travel insurance and show proof of it along with your visa application documents.

However, the thing with visa applications is that the requirements often change from one country to the other, even if we’re applying for the same type of visa. So, some Embassies or Consulates will ask to see travel insurance before issuing your Moroccan visa, while others may not.

Additionally, if you don’t require a visa to enter Morocco (e.g. you are from the EU, US, or UK), then no one will probably ask to see whether you have travel insurance.

But regardless of the visa requirements, it is always a smart idea to purchase travel insurance for wherever you travel. You never know what can happen on a trip, and in cases of emergencies, the extra cost of paying for travel insurance can save you from high medical costs.

What Should Travel Insurance for Morocco Include?

Morocco travel insurance should cover at least the basics:

  • Medical emergencies. You should have coverage for emergency services such as ambulances, doctor visits, hospitalization, and emergency medical procedures such as surgeries.
  • Trip disruption coverage. It is important to have coverage for trip disruptions, such as cancellation, delay, or missed flights, if they are non-refundable.
  • Coverage for loss, damage, or theft of luggage.
  • Coverage for emergency evacuation or repatriation. If you need to be flown back to your home country in an emergency, then repatriation coverage will cover the costs.

In addition to these, you can choose to get coverage for things like  “adventurous” activities you can do in Morocco, such as hiking, trekking, diving, kayaking, etc. Such activities are not always included in standard travel health insurance policies.

Other optional additions include liability insurance, terrorism insurance, and coverage for expensive items and gadgets.

Where Can I Get Travel Insurance for Morocco?

You can find travel insurance for Morocco from local travel insurance companies in your country. You can also check online on travel insurance comparison sites, such as Insubuy, which work as brokers for insurance companies. They allow you to compare different plans so that you can find one that is most suited to your needs. Moreover, reputable brokers are a good way of purchasing travel insurance because they usually only work with reputable companies.

When choosing your Morocco travel insurance policy, keep these in mind:

  • Decide how much coverage you need. You probably have an idea of what you’ll be doing in Morocco, where you will stay, how long you’ll be there, how much the trip costs, etc. with that, you can decide how much coverage you need. E.g. if you will be doing any sports, make sure that you have coverage for sports-related injuries, if the trip is very expensive, make sure you have a good cancellation or disruption policy. If you are bringing a valuable item with you, you will need luggage coverage.
  • Do your online research. Once you know how much coverage you need, it will be easier to research online for a policy that suits you.
  • Read the small print carefully. This is a boring, but very important aspect of deciding on a travel insurance policy. You don’t want to be faced with surprise bills along the way, or get in an accident/get sick and then discover that you don’t actually have as much coverage as you thought.
  • Buy early. When are you going to Morocco? If it is in two weeks, then the best time to buy your travel insurance policy is now. The recommended time to purchase travel insurance is within 15 days from the day you booked your trip or started making deposits. That way, you have more coverage for anything that can disrupt your trip.

How Much is Travel Health Insurance for Morocco?

The price of your travel insurance for Morocco depends on several factors:

  • How long you will stay in Morocco. Most travel insurance policies charge by day, so the longer you stay the more the policy will cost.
  • How much coverage you want. A basic plan will naturally cost less than if you choose to purchase additional coverage for your luggage, for example, or for certain activities. Additionally, if you choose a higher premium (the maximum amount of money they insurance policy will cover you for), the price of the travel insurance policy will be higher.
  • The country you are in. Where you purchase your travel insurance for Morocco also makes a difference in the price.

However, travel insurance policies generally cost somewhere between 4-10% of your overall trip cost. Make sure you do not purchase the cheapest policy, because those offer the least amount of coverage. In case you need to make a claim, you could find that you either have to pay a large amount of money out-of-pocket or you have no coverage at all. Here you can find affordable plans that will cover you

Is Healthcare in Morocco Expensive?

Public healthcare costs in Morocco are not expensive by Western standards. However, if you go to a private medical facility, then it is a different matter.

Unfortunately, the Moroccan public healthcare system is not known for its efficiency and faces a lot of challenges.  According to a case study by the World Health Organization, the main problems that the Moroccan public health system faces include the poor quality of reception and care, lack of staff, lack of managerial competence, and even absenteeism and corruption.

This is why many previous travelers to Morocco advise that you turn to the private hospitals instead, which is going to be far more expensive.

Can My European Travel Insurance Cover Me in Morocco?

Although Morocco is in Africa, most European travel insurance companies will offer coverage for Morocco alongside EU countries.

However, since travel insurance plans usually limit their coverage only to certain countries or continents, it is not always a given that your EU travel insurance covers Morocco. If you are travelling to both destinations, ask your travel insurance providers whether they are both included in your policy.

You can also receive coverage for both if you purchase a worldwide insurance policy.

Remember, always read the fine print before purchasing an insurance policy. Don’t just assume you are covered.

Note: Although EU travel insurance policies often include Morocco, you cannot use an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) there.

Do I Need Any Vaccines for Morocco?

Yes, the World Health Organization as well as the CDC in the United States recommend that travellers be vaccinated for certain diseases before they travel to Morocco. Naturally, you should contact your healthcare provider for more specific information, but you may need vaccination for some of the following:  hepatitis A and B, typhoid, rabies, meningitis, polio, MMR (mumps and rubella), pneumonia, chickenpox, shingles, measles, TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), and influenza.

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