How to Write a Sponsorship Letter for US Visa?

The US is a powerful global force with high economic development. The promise of the American dream and of success attracts people from all over the world. They want to find jobs and build new lives in the country. But even though a lot of people want jobs in the US, it is a long process to get them. There are many steps that foreign people need to take to legally work in the country. One very [...]

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What is a Passport Card?

Having a U.S citizenship has many benefits. You can live and work anywhere, but you can also travel anywhere. When you are a U.S citizen, you also get government issued documents. This includes ID cards, driver’s license, and passport for travel. While most countries in the world issue one passport for national and international travel, the U.S is different. They have tried to make traveling within America and internationally easier. That is why as a U.S citizen [...]

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Writing a Letter of invitation for UK Visa

To apply for a UK visa it is required that the applicant submits an invitation letter. A letter of invitation for a UK visa is a letter written by a citizen or legal resident of the United Kingdom, addressed to a foreigner with whom they have family ties or friendship, inviting them to stay over at their house. It is also a confirmation that they have enough room for the visitor, for the entire period of their [...]

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Letter of invitation for US visa application

A letter of invitation is a letter written by a United States citizen or legal resident, confirming that they are willing to admit into their house an international with whom they have family ties or friendship, and also that they have enough room for the visitor for the entire period of their stay in the US. The letter of invitation, by no means, guarantees the issuance of a visa to the applicant. The applicant has to fulfill [...]

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Writing an Invitation Letter for a Visa Application

Embassies around the world, often ask for documents that seem confusing, especially to travelers that apply for the first time for a visa. However, with a little bit of work the applicant can find out a lot about each document, how to obtain it, and why it is needed. A letter of invitation is among the documents that first-time-applicants have difficulties understanding its purpose. Actually, everything related to a Letter of Invitation is pretty simple and easy. [...]

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How to Avoid ESTA Fraud?

The United States Visa Waiver Program permits citizens of specific countries to travel to the US for tourism, business, or transit for up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa. However, the residents of these countries will still have to apply online for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization in order to be able to enter the US. Travel Authorization has been mandatory since January 2009 for residents of the VWP who wish to enter [...]

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How to Submit Proof of Accommodation for Visa Application?

Most embassies and consulates around the world will ask you to submit proof of accommodation alongside with the other documents, especially if you are applying to visit one of the European countries. The reason behind such a requirement is that the immigration authorities of every country want to know where you will be staying throughout your trip, and telling them that you will be staying at a hotel or at a friends’ house is not enough. You [...]

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