How to Get Italian Citizenship?

So, you fell in love with the beautiful country of Italy and now you’re wondering how to get Italian citizenship. Or you’re wondering if you even can… Getting citizenship in any foreign country is not an easy feat, unless you are entitled to it by right of birth. Normally, obtaining citizenship in another country if you have no connections to it (such as a spouse or an ancestor) involves years of living there as a temporary resident. [...]

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How to Move to Italy Permanently?

Italy is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with millions upon millions of people around the world visiting it every year. And with Rome’s many historical and beautiful sites, Venice’s romantic canals, the beauty of Florence, and the delicious, delicious food – it’s really no wonder. And perhaps it’s these things that make many foreigners wish of moving to Italy someday. Of course, Italy’s mild climate, the relatively low cost of living [...]

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Moving to Switzerland from the US

Embassy of Switzerland in Washington You should apply at the Swiss Embassy in Washington if you live in the following US states:District of Columbia (DC)Delaware (DE)Illinois (IL)Indiana (IN)Iowa (IA)Kansas (KS)Kentucky (KY)Maryland (MD)Missouri (MO)Nebraska (NE)Virginia (VA)West Virginia (WV)Northern Mariana Islands (MP)Guam (GU) Consulate General of Switzerland in Atlanta You should apply at the Swiss Consulate General in Atlanta if you live in the following US states:Alabama (AL)Arkansas (AR)Florida (FL)Georgia (GA)Louisiana (LA)Mississippi (MS)North Carolina (NC)Oklahoma (OK)South Carolina (SC)Tennessee (TN)Texas [...]

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How Can I Permanently Move to Switzerland?

Due to its high quality of life, work opportunities, education, better healthcare, and even its scenic nature, Switzerland is a very popular country to immigrate to. Only in 2018, over 140,000 people immigrated to Switzerland overall, including both EU/EFTA and non-EU/EFTA nationals. Switzerland immigration policies and conditions differ, however, depending on what nationality you are. Moving to Switzerland is far easier for EU/EFTA citizens, who have no quota restrictions, than it is for non-EU/EFTA citizens who are [...]

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How to Become a Citizen of Canada?

If you have been living in Canada for a few years now and would like to know how to get Canadian citizenship, you will have to see whether you are eligible first. There are a lot of factors that determine whether or not you are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. You also have to know how the Canadian citizenship application works, what you will need, and how to apply. Who is eligible for Canadian Citizenship? There [...]

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How Can I Immigrate to Iceland?

How to Move to Iceland? You have probably heard of Iceland, its beauties and its continuously growing economy. And if you have wondered how to move to Iceland, then this article will be very helpful for you. Note that if you are an EEA/EFTA national, you can travel to Iceland and live here just like Icelanders.  You will still need to register at the Registration Office if you plan to stay in Iceland for more than three [...]

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Visa Requirements for German Citizens

In 2016, roughly 73.6 billion euros were spent by the German residents on travelling abroad. Preferred travel destinations of the German citizens were Austria and Netherlands. Nevertheless, some countries don’t yet to recognize the German passport as an entry permit, so they apply also a visa regime towards its holders. Visa Free Countries for German Citizens The majority of world countries can be visited by the Germans only by holding a valid German passport. Traveling to such [...]

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Applying for British Citizenship

To become a British citizen you must comply with a number of mandatory requirements set by British nationality law. By becoming a UK citizen you will get your British passports and have the same rights and obligations as natural British citizens. Who Can Become a British Citizen? There are quite few categories and qualifying circumstances you can acquire British citizenship. Here is when you can apply to become a UK citizen: By Naturalization. EEA citizens. EEA PR Card [...]

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EU Citizens in the UK after Brexit

As the UK is getting closer to Brexit, the uncertainty of the EU citizens in the UK about their eligibility to remain in the UK increases. As an EU citizen, you will need to get a pre-settled or settled status to keep living in the UK without restrictions, even after the divorce of the UK from the EU. To receive any of these UK residence statuses, you are required to apply under the EU Settlement Scheme from March 2019 until June 30, 2021. Still there are exceptional [...]

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Visa Requirements for UK citizens

UK citizens own one the world’s most powerful passports, empowering them to easily visit about 186 countries without a visa taken beforehand. In 2017, Britons made round 72.8 visits abroad, where 46.6 million were holiday visits, 17.6 million family and friends’ visits and 6.8 million were for business purposes. When compared to 2016, an increase of 4% is discerned as regards of the holiday travels abroad and 6% of travels made to meet relatives and friends living [...]

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