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Easiest Countries to Get a Permanent Residency

Moving to a new country and starting over is always appealing. The idea of meeting different people, traveling to places you’ve never been before, and learning a new culture seems exciting and enjoyable.   However, immigration is never easy, especially if you have no desirable skills or enough financial means. Most countries offer several immigration programs, …

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Apostille Stamp

An Apostille Stamp is a type of certification used to certify your public documents. This stamp was created to make it easier for other countries to legally recognize documents issued from different countries, meaning that if you need to use your documents abroad, your copies of public documents must have an Apostille Stamp. The Apostille …

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Differences Between Consulate and Embassy

A diplomatic mission usually refers to an embassy and/or a consulate. A diplomatic mission aims to represent their country in another foreign country to strengthen international relations and facilitate diplomatic services between their citizens and the receiving country. Consulate VS Embassy Often these two terms are used interchangeably, but there are some notable differences between …

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