The Caribbean countries are well known for their sandy beaches pleasant weather and are considered a vacation paradise. However, they also offer some of the best citizenship by investment programs— Golden visas— globally. 

To put it simply, an investment program allows you to invest in a specific country, and you can then apply for citizenship. While other countries require you to spend a few years in the country to qualify for citizenship, the investment schemes in the Caribbean are considered the best as they offer a pathway to citizenship as soon as your investment is finalized. 

But, there are significant differences between the schemes based on which country you choose. So, read on to make sure you select the best citizenship scheme for you.

Comparison of the Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Caribbean

Here is a comparative guide of the citizenship by investment programs offered by the Caribbean countries:

Antigua and BarbudaGrenadaSt. Kitts and NevisSt. Lucia
Minimum investmentUSD 100,000USD150,000USD 150,000USD 100,000
Maximum investmentUSD 1.5 millionUSD220,000USD 200,000USD 3.5 million
CitizenshipImmediately after your investmentImmediately after your investmentImmediately after your investmentImmediately after your investment
Residency requirementFive days for the first five years of your investmentNot requiredNot requiredNot required
Application feesUSD 30,000USD 50,000USD 7,500USD 2,000
Due diligence feesUSD 7,500USD 5,000USD 7,500USD 7,500
Processing times3-4 months3-4 months90 days90 days
Visa-free countriesOver 160 countriesOver 150 countriesOver 160 countriesOver 150 countries
Dual citizenshipYesYesYesYes
Family membersYesYesYesYes

List of Caribbean Countries that Offer Citizenship by Investment 

Here is a list of the best Caribbean countries offering citizenship by investment programs:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Grenada
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis 
  • Saint Lucia 

Antigua and Barbuda

To get an Antigua and Barbuda second passport, you must contribute at least USD 100,000 to a National Development Fund. As soon as your application is processed and your investment verified, you will receive a new Antigua and Barbuda passport. Under this investment program, you can bring your whole family with you, but you may be required to increase the amount depending on the investment. 


Grenada is another Caribbean country that offers a low-cost second passport by investment. To qualify for Grenada’s second passport program, you must invest USD 150,000 in a national fund. However, your investment increases for every additional family member that applies with you, and you have to pay the extra fees and due diligence charges. 

If you can increase your initial investment to USD 220,000, you can purchase real estate in Grenada and qualify for the citizenship scheme. Compared to the national investment and fees, the real estate option may be cheaper long-term. For this reason, you are strongly advised to consult an authorized agent for the program and see which program suits you best before you make your investment. 

Saint Kitts and Nevis

You have two investment options for the investment program in Saint Kitts and Nevis. You can either invest a minimum of USD 150,000 to a government fund or purchase a property of your choice (within the government-selected group of properties) with a minimum of USD 200,000. 

If you choose St. Kitts for your investment country, you will receive a second citizenship within 90 days of your application— you can also include your family members in the application. 

See here for more information about the investment program in St. Kitts. 

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia offers one of the cheapest second passports in the Caribbean with a minimum cost of only USD 100,000. If you want to qualify for this citizenship program, you must invest in a government fund or purchase real estate. The application for St. Lucia’s second passport usually takes 90 days to finish, after which you and your family members will become citizens of St. Lucia. 

While the investment cost is the same as with other Caribbean countries, the advantage of St. Lucia’s citizenship program is that it offers lower fees when compared to the other programs. 

Residency by Investment Programs Caribbean Countries

Anguilla, and the Cayman Islands, are two Caribbean countries that offer a residency by investment program. This means that you must complete a residency requirement before getting your passport, unlike with other Caribbean countries where you receive your passport immediately after making your investment. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two residency programs:

AnguillaCayman Islands
Minimum investmentUSD 150,000USD 1.2 million
Maximum investmentUSD 750,000USD 2.4 million
CitizenshipAfter five yearsAfter five years
Residency requirementFive yearsFive years
Application feesUSD 3,000USD 600
Due diligence feesUSD 7,500N/A
Processing times3 months3 months
Visa-free countriesOver 180 countriesOver 180 countries
Dual citizenshipYesYes
Family membersYesYes


Within Anguilla’s investment program for citizenship you can find several options for investment while the cheapest being an investment in a National Fund with the minimum amount of USD 100,000. Of course, you can opt for the other options such as the business scheme with a USD 1.5 million investment, the real estate investment of USD 400,000, or the University Fund of USD 150,000, but only if you have the financial means to do so. 

After you make your investment in Anguilla, you qualify for permanent residency. Five years later, you can get an Anguillan passport— with a minimum residency requirement of 5 days in total. 

The Cayman Islands

At the moment, the Cayman Islands offers only the option of purchasing real estate for its residency program. You must invest at least USD 2.5 million in an approved property on the islands. Like Anguilla, you can’t receive citizenship immediately after your investment— you must complete the residency requirements. 

However, after five years of residency, you can apply for citizenship and become a British overseas resident. 

See here the details of the residency requirements for the Cayman Islands residency program

Which Caribbean Country Is the Easiest to Get Citizenship by Investment?

All Caribbean countries are relatively easy to get citizenship by investment. Still, for Grenada, St. Kitts, and St. Lucia, you won’t be required to fulfill a residency requirement, making it easier than the other countries. However, this depends on what you are looking for in a citizenship program— the program that suits you varies considerably on your financial situation. 

What’s the Fastest Citizenship by Investment Program in the Caribbean?

St. Lucia has the fastest citizenship by investment scheme with a processing time of only 90 days. After St. Lucia, Antigua, and Grenada have the fastest program; processing times tend to take longer if your investment is in real estate. 

Should I Apply for a Citizenship Program in the Caribbean?

If you have the financial resources to invest in a citizenship program in the Caribbean and want a second passport, there is no reason why you shouldn’t apply for one. With a second passport benefit from visa-free access to over 150 countries— you can also become a dual citizen and receive consular protection from two countries when you travel abroad. 

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