An invitation letter for Australia is not obligatory for all of the visas. It’s usually required for Australian temporary visit tourist visas, and even then it might not be a strict requirement. However, having an invitation letter will increase the chances of receiving a visa. The letter serves as proof that the visa holder won’t overstay in Australia after their visa has expired.

What Is an Australia Visa Invitation Letter?

An invitation letter is a written request inviting someone to visit Australia. The letter is usually written by a friend or family member inviting another friend or family member to visit them for a short period of time. The letter contains some information about the inviter and it’s directed to the Immigration Office as an appeal to grant a temporary visa for their invitee.

This letter may also be required for business visas (short term) as proof that the applicant will be doing business with a company in Australia. The business letter of invitation has to be written by the host company.

How to Write an Invitation Letter for Australia Visa?

When you write a letter of invitation you should follow the standard format for any letter. You have to include your name and address, include a formal greeting, salutations, and sign the letter at the bottom.

The tone of the letter has to be formal and polite but, at the same time, it needs to show the close relationship between the visa applicant and their Australian host (in cases of family/friends invitations).

The invitation letter must include important information such as:

  • The Australian host’s information:
    • Full name (first, middle and last name).
    • Date of birth.
    • Full address.
    • Telephone number.
    • Residency status (proof of residency or citizenship).
    • Current occupation.
    • Visit and departure date.
    • Description of the relationship between the applicant and the host (family, friend, partner, etc.)
  • The visa applicant’s information:
    • Full name (first, middle and last name).
    • Date of birth.
    • Full address.
    • The purpose of their visit.
    • The duration of their visit.
    • Details on accommodation.

It’s important that the letter includes information on whether the guest will be staying with the Australian host or not. Additionally, if the host is financially supporting the visit, then proof of financial means has to be included in the letter.

Template for Invitation Letter for Australia Visa

Here is a template for an invitation letter for an Australia visa:


Australian Department of Home Affairs Immigration Office Address

Greeting remarks [Dear Sir or Madam]

Introduction [insert full name], address [insert full address], make note of your residency status [state clearly whether you are a citizen, a temporary resident, or a permanent resident], write out your invitation [insert your guest’s full name and personal information].

Give a brief description regarding your relationship [explain what type of relationship you have, go briefly through how you met, how long you’ve known each other]. State clearly the plan of your guest’s visit [why they’re visiting, how long they plan on staying, whether they’ll be staying with you]. Mention their financial plan [whether you will be financing their visit or will they do so on their own].

Final salutations [With respect, full name] and signature.

Australian Tourist Visa Invitation Letter for a Friend

Here is an example of an invitation letter inviting a close friend to visit an Australian resident.

Date: 22.04.2021

Australian Department of Home Affairs Immigration Office Address

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Olivia Martin and I live in 51 Quayside Vista Canberra Australian Capital Territory. I was born in New York on February 1st, 1990. However, I’ve been living in Australia as a permanent resident for about three years with a Family Stream Permanent Visa.

I would like to invite one of my closest friends, Holly Walker, living in 1920 Capitol Avenue Johnsonville, New York, born on May 21st, 1990, for a brief visit here to Australia.

Holly and I have known each other since we were in first grade. We happened to be neighbors and our grandmothers would take us to school together, and ever since our first-grade teacher sat us together we’ve been inseparable. Since I’ve moved to Australia, we’ve barely seen one another, and we miss each other terribly.

She currently works as a reporter for the New York Times and is very excited about a first-time visit to Australia. She generates about USD105,419 a year, so she can fully afford her time here. Holly plans on staying in Australia for a month, starting May 1, 2021, up to June 1, 2021. My husband and I live alone in our three-bedroom apartment, so Holly will be staying with us during her stay. 

You can find attached to the letter scanned copies of my residence permit.

Kind regards,

Olivia Martin

51 Quayside Vista Canberra Australian Capital Territory

(Phone number)



Can I Invite Someone on an Australian Student Visa?

Yes, if you want to have family members or friends visit you in Australia you can invite them. Since 2013 universities don’t provide invitation letters, instead students are required to write the letter themselves.

As a student, you have to include extra information in your invitation letter:

  • Student ID.
  • Copy of enrolment certification.
  • Copy of the graduation ceremony pamphlet (in case of a visit for your graduation ceremony).

Invitation Letter Sample for Holders of a Student Visa

Date: 15.07.2021


Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m Manuel Santos, currently enrolled at the Australian National University finishing my Master’s degree in digital marketing. I’m originally from Brazil, born in November 1996. I’ve been in Australia since last year and I would like to invite my parents and younger sister for a visit to Australia.

My parents, Isabel and Mario Santos were both born in 1967 and my sister, Marina Santos, is four years younger than me. We’re all really close and we’d like the opportunity to spend some time together. Both of my parents are doctors and are able to finance their trip for themselves and my sister. Because I live at the students’ dorm, they will all be staying at a hotel nearby the university for the duration of their trip. They’re expected to stay for two months, from June 3d up until August 3d.

Attached to the letter you will find a scanned copy of my student visa and passport as proof of enrollment in my study program.

Yours Sincerely,

Manuel Santos

(Student ID number)

(Study Program)

(Phone number)



Other Required Documents

Depending on the circumstances you may be required to add some additional documents to your visa invitation letter:

  • Scanned copies of the host’s passport.
  • Scanned copies of the invitee’s passport.
  • Evidence of financial means (if the host is financing the visit).
  • Program confirmation letter (if the host is a student visa holder).
  • Enrolment confirmation letter (student visa holders).

What Is the Statutory Of Declaration for Australia Visa?

The statutory declaration is a proclamation proving the relationship between two partners. Persons who apply for a partner visa (provisional) have to provide this form alongside the letter of invitation and other visa requirements.

In the declaration form, the applicants will have to provide information such as what is the nature of the relationship, i.e., is it a marriage or a de facto relationship. In addition to this, the form requires brief explanations about how the relationship is on a day-to-day basis, for example, which partners do the household work, how do you share the expenses, what assets do you have in joined ownership, and so on.

Please note that this form has to be filled in and signed in the presence of a witness.

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