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Complete guide to obtaining a Slovenia retirement visa, the required documents, and the best places for retirees

Combining beautiful, dramatic, and picturesque landscapes, Slovenia will hypnotize you with its natural beauty. In addition, the Central European country is home to friendly people, delicious food, culture, and history.

All the great things the country has to offer have made Slovenia a hot spot for foreigners who want to start a new life in a new country, including retirees.

Although Slovenia has available options for people who want to move in for working or studying purposes, when it comes to retirement, things can get a little messy.

As for now, Slovenia does not have a retirement Visa for retired foreigners, but there are other ways that non-EU citizens can retire in Slovenia.

NOTE: Requirements and methods of entering the Republic of Slovenia differ depending on whether you are a citizen of an EU Member State or a third-country national.

What Are The Types Of Slovenian Visas Available to Retirees?

Since Slovenia does not have a designated retirement program for foreigners who want to move in and reside there permanently, the second retirement alternative is obtaining a residence permit.  

Slovenia offers two types of residence permits:

  • Temporary Residence Permit. This type of residence permit is required for non-EU citizens who want to reside in Slovenia. As a holder of a temporary residence permit, you are allowed to stay in Slovenia for a period of 12 months (one year). The temporary residence permit is valid for three years at most. 
  • Permanent Residence Permit. The permanent residence permit is available only after obtaining a temporary residence permit for five consecutive years.

How Can I Get A Slovenia Retirement Visa?

  • Non-EU nationals need to apply for a Slovenia Visa to enter the country before making any moves for the retirement visa. Therefore, it is preferable to apply for a type D visa, which will allow you to apply for a temporary residence permit needed for your retirement. After obtaining a long-stay visa, you can apply for a temporary residence permit and live in Slovenia for one consecutive year.
  • EEA nationals may enter Slovenia without obtaining a visa and can reside in the country for 90 days. However, if you want to stay longer, such as retire there, you need to apply for a residence permit before your 90 days stay expires.

What Are The Key Requirements Retired Expats in Slovenia?

Due to the fact that Slovenia does not offer a retirement visa, there are no special requirements for such a thing.

You can retire in Slovenia once you have sufficient financial funds to support yourself during your stay in the country. With a minimum amount of $1000 per month, you can cover your daily expenses and live comfortably.

After Arriving in Slovenia

After obtaining a temporary residence permit, you are obliged to register your residence within eight days of entering the territory of Slovenia. 

The registration of residence is done at the administrative unit of your new residence in Slovenia.

How can I register my residence?

To register your residence (temporary or permanent), you are required to submit a valid identification document (preferably a passport) with a photograph and proof of residence (documentation that you have a right to reside at the address you are registering).

What can be considered proof of residence?

  • Proof of ownership
  • Lease or sublet contract
  • Written consent of the owner or co-owner of the residence
  • Written consent of the manager of the accommodation facility. 

Can I Renew My Temporary Residence in Slovenia?

You can renew your temporary residence permit before the expiration date. To apply for a renewal of your residence permit, you must apply one month in advance. 

The renewal procedure is the same as the initial application.

Healthcare in Slovenia

Healthcare in Slovenia is provided by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS), which provides universal compulsory health insurance.

Although the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia covers most of the medical treatments, not all costs are covered by the mandatory insurance scheme. Thus, Slovenes pay voluntary insurance fees for additional coverage. 

Health services in Slovenia are delivered by public and private providers that hold a “concession” to provide publicly funded services.

Since the public sector often deals with long waiting times, most citizens tend to opt for private healthcare.

If you want to avoid such cases, you can cooperate with a private insurance company. However, to make sure you have the best experience, it is recommended to choose a health insurance company with a health plan that offers international medical coverage

Once you become a long-term resident of Slovenia, you will have the right to equal healthcare access.

What Are the Best Destinations for Retirees in Slovenia?

Beauty follows you in every step in Slovenia, which makes it hard to decide where to reside in. Here are some of the best places for expats to retire in Slovenia.


The capital city of Slovenia might be one of the most beautiful cities you have ever laid your eyes on. It is a city filled with culture and is perfect if you want to have a quiet life. Ljubjana does not have a hectic atmosphere; therefore, you will have time to do everything you want, such as meeting with friends, going out for a coffee, etc.


Kranj is the third-largest city in Slovenia, known for its skyline. One of the best things about living in Kranj is that you can explore Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Skofja Loka, etc., while staying in the city. The river canyon in the town center of Kranj is a special feature of the city, and the Karavanke mountains complete one of the loveliest images in Slovenia.


Maribor is the economic, administrative, educational, and cultural center of eastern Slovenia, with many historical structures. With about 100.000 inhabitants, life in Maribor is peaceful and quiet, and the city itself is well taken care of, clean, and homely.

Maribor is very safe, green, and a lot cheaper than Ljubljana.


Slovenia’s sunniest town, filled with green areas, is great for people who have a concept for healthy living. The city is located in northeastern Slovenia, among the green hills of the Šalek Valley, and is one of the greenest active mining towns in Europe.

If you want to experience a unique moment, you can visit Topolšica, where you can see the most beautiful butterflies in Slovenia in one place.

Novo Mesto

Novo Mesto is another great city to choose for your retirement. It is located on a bend of the Krka River in the City Municipality of Novo Mesto in southeastern Slovenia.

The city is very modern, offers a high standard of living, and has been a hub of artistic creation in various fields such as music, literature, and visual arts.

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