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Complete guide to obtaining a visa to retire in Malta, the required documents, and procedures

A small island with sunny weather, beautiful architecture, friendly citizens, and the opportunity to visit other Schengen countries – Malta gives you the perfect background to spend your retirement.  

However, exploring other places and retiring to a different country is a big decision. If you decide to retire in Malta, you will have everything you need to know here.

Malta Retirement Visa Conditions

To apply for a Malta retirement visa, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must meet the retirement age requirements:
    • If you are born on or after January 1, 1962, you have to be retired at age 65.
    •  If you were born on January 1, 1962, you have the opportunity to have an early pension at age 61. 
  • You must own or rent a property in Malta. The property must have a value of no less than €275,000 or (€220,000 in Gozo and South of Malta). If you want to rent a property, the rent must be no less than €9,600 per month or (€8,750 in Gozo and South of Malta).
  • You must not be working. You may not be a salaried employee, but you can carry a non-executive post on different companies, foundations, or other organizations.
  • Your income must come from pensions. You must ensure that at least 75% of your chargeable income comes from your retirement while living in Malta. 
  • You must not spend less than 90 days in one year or more than six months in any other Schengen country besides Malta. 
  • You must be in good health condition. 
  • You must pay the administrative fee of €2,500.
  • You don’t intend to permanently settle in Malta, at least not within five years. 

Malta Retirement Visa Requirements

The documents you need to submit for a Malta retirement visa are: 

  • Passport. The passport must be valid at least three months after the return date and two blank pages. Include a copy of previous visas (if any). 
  • Application form. Make sure you fully complete and sign the application form and sign it. Do not leave blank spaces. 
  • Health insurance. Valid health insurance for the entire time you will stay in Malta.  
  • Bank statement. Your bank statement within the last six months. This document proves if you are financially stable. 
  • Medical certificate. Proof that you are in very good health condition.
  • Six photos. Your photos must be passport-sized, taken within the last six months, with colors and a light background. 
  • Proof of pension. Document proof that you are on a pension, such as a pension certificate.
  • Proof of accommodation. This document can be a rental agreement, a house, a property deed, etc.
  • Criminal Record. This is a document issued by the police of your home country. It must prove that you have no criminal history

*Your documents must be original or verified and translated into Maltese or English. Any missing document can result in your visa refusal. 

How to Apply for a Malta Retirement Visa?

To apply for a retirement visa, your first point of contact should be the Maltese embassy/consulate in your home country. They will inform you about your visa requirements and whether you need an entry visa. 

You also need to apply for a residence permit. The Identity Malta Agency is responsible for issuing Maltese residence permits. The validity of a residence permit for retirement is five years, but it can be renewed if the same eligibility criteria are met.

Note: You are not required to submit your application in person. With an official register mandatory, your family members or friends can apply on your behalf and submit all the required documents. 

Processing Time for a Malta Retirement Visa

The processing time for a Malta retirement visa can be around three months. Depending on the time you apply and depending on your case, you can receive a response from the embassy earlier or later than three months.

How Long Can in Stay in Malta With a Retirement Visa?

Malta retirement visa is issued for five years. This visa can be renewed or extended indefinitely as long as you meet the initial requirements. 

Healthcare for Retirees in Malta 

Malta has been rated as one of the countries with the best health insurance globally. It has health insurance that operates in a two-tiered system (public and private), and it offers its full capacity. This system is issued to minimize the cost and the wait.  

The Public Healthcare System. Public healthcare, known as the government healthcare system, is cost-free delivery, and it includes all forms of specialists and medical services for its citizens, such as:

  • Prescription of drugs.
  • Pregnancy products.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Rest and rehabilitation, etc. 

Public healthcare and hospitals provide secondary and tertiary care whenever needed.

Foreigners who stay in Malta for more than three months also qualify for health insurance coverage, which is similarly taxed. 

Note: The funding that covers any medical expenses comes from paying the taxes and the massive workforce that contributes to the national insurance system.

The Private Healthcare System. Private healthcare is also great, and it offers everything that you need. However, the cost of private health insurance is higher than that of a public one. There are three types of private healthcare Essential, Special, and Exclusive. Depending on the type of healthcare you can afford, you can purchase any of these packets.

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