Offices doors of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department, in Beijing and Guangzhou, will be closed as a preventive measure for Coronavirus outbreak.

All the affected appointments will be rescheduled meanwhile new appointment notices will be sent out to applicants, according to a guidance of the US Department of State.

The move was announced after the 12th case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Wisconsin, which forced the American department to take further steps.

According to the health officials, the patient has recently been in contact with someone infected with Coronavirus while traveling in China before returning to Wisconsin. 

“…the infected patient walked into an emergency room on Jan. 30 at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison after experiencing symptoms. The patient has not been hospitalized and was described as being in good condition and is self-quarantined at home,” the report reads. 

Meanwhile, passengers of two planes carrying about 350 people arrived at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in Southern California will spend up to two weeks under quarantine in California, while they are monitored for symptoms of the potentially deadly new virus.

Even though the risk of getting infected by coronavirus is low, according to State Health Officer Jeanne Ayers, the situation is being monitored all the time.

“The risk of getting sick from the 2019 novel coronavirus in Wisconsin is very low. We are responding aggressively to the situation and monitoring all developments,” Ayers said in a pronouncement for the New York Post.

By now 10 people in Wisconsin have been tested for coronavirus. Seven of them have resulted in negative, while two other results are still pending. 

Six out of 12 cases of coronavirus in the USA were from California alone, while worldwide the number reaches 24,300 confirmed cases, with at least 490 dead in China, one dead in the Philippines and one dead in Hong Kong.

Several world countries have restricted world visas to Chinese nationals, including the US, Schengen Countries, Australia, New Zealand, and others.


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