Applications of aliens applying for Immigration visas to the United States will be rejected if the lack health-care coverage or the means to obtain health coverage once in the US.

A proclamation issued on Friday evening by the White House announces that the US President Donald Trump has instructed the authorities to stop granting visas to immigrants who would become a “financial burden” to the US healthcare system.

According to the proclamation, Us hospitals and other providers often administer care to the uninsured without any hope of receiving reimbursement from them, the costs of which are passed on to the American people in the form of higher taxes, higher premiums, and higher fees for medical services.

In total, uncompensated care costs — the overall measure of unreimbursed services that hospitals give their patients — have exceeded $35 billion in each of the last 10 years.  These costs amount to approximately $7 million on average for each hospital in the United States, and can drive hospitals into insolvency.  Beyond uncompensated care costs, the uninsured strain Federal and State government budgets through their reliance on publicly funded programs, which ultimately are financed by taxpayers,” the proclamation explains.

As a result, US President Donald Trump has decided to stop allowing entry into the US to immigrants that do not have health insurance, with exceptions.

The proclamation outlines the accepted healthcare plans as follows:

  • Employer-sponsored plan, including a retiree plan, association health plan, and coverage provided by the COBR.
  • Unsubsidized health plan offered in the individual market within a State.
  • Short-term limited duration health policy effective for a minimum of 364 days — or until the beginning of planned, extended travel outside the United States.
  • Catastrophic plan.
  • Family member’s plan.
  • Visitor health insurance plan that provides adequate coverage for medical care for a minimum of 364 days — or until the beginning of planned, extended travel outside the United States.
  • Medical plan under the Medicare program.
  • Any other health plan that provides adequate coverage for medical care as determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services or his designee.

A fact sheet on the proclamation, also published by the White House, insists that President Trump is taking this action to ensure American citizens have the availability of healthcare benefits protected.

Immigrant visa applicants will have to demonstrate that they will be covered by health insurance within thirty days of entering the country or have the financial resources to pay for medical costs,” it reiterates explaining that a number of exceptions will be made, such as for children of American citizens.

Trump’s decision comes a bit more than a year ahead of Election Day, and as he is intensifying his efforts to fulfill his campaign promises to curb immigration.

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