The US embassy in Israel has finally granted the popular Israeli singer, Amir Benayoun with a visa, who is scheduled to perform at the United Nations concert on Holocaust Remembrance Day at their headquarters in New York.

While the two other singers Miri Mesika and David D’Or, who were slated to perform together with Benayoun, have received their visas without any delay, the US embassy in Israel had initially refused to issue one to the latter.

Whilst the US Embassy in Israel resonated declining Benayoun’s visa with singer’s failure to convince the US consul of his intention to return to his homeland after the concert, the New York trip organizers had insisted the consulate’s reasoning of visa denial is absurd, considering Benayoun has a full line-up of performances scheduled for February and March in Israel.

On the other hand, Amir Benayoun himself had claimed that he ‘has a strong connection to his country, which ensures his return to Israel after a short visit to the US.”

However, the US authorities have decided to reverse their decision, thus granting a visa to Benayoun, on January 25.

The media have previously reported the actual reason for Benayoun’s visa denial may be the fact that Benayoun’s a very outspoken right-winger. During the Obama presidency he had written and performed a song in 2015 about a “corrupt, cruel” pet crow that he named Obama, to which he wishes a swift death. Undoubtedly, there are US State Department officials, including many who work at the embassy in Tel Aviv, who don’t like Benayoun for insulting their former beloved president.

The issuance of the visa for Benayoun comes after many attempts of Israeli diplomatic officials to obtain the required clearance from the US authorities for Benayoun to perform at the UN concert on Holocaust Remembrance Day at UN headquarters in New York.

The three singers will be performing a song called “The Last One” in Hebrew, English and Arabic, which Benayoun composed and co-wrote with political strategist Moshe Klughaft in 2014.

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