The United States has deported about 150 Indian nationals this week, for either violating visa rules or entering the country illegally.

A plane from the US that arrived via Bangladesh at the T3 terminal of the New Delhi airport at 6 in the morning on Wednesday, brought the deportees back to India.

According to a Delhi airport official these Indians were deported for either being illegal immigrants or for violating visa norms.

The deportation follows the one of October 18, which saw over 300 Indians, among whom only one woman, deported by the immigration authorities in Mexico, for entering illegally in a bid to cross the borders to the United States.

Indians’ Bid to Reach the US

Indian nationals are long known as one of the national groups with the highest rate of interest to work and live in the US. For many years now, they have been the largest group of visa applicants for several visa categories for the US, including work visas and other immigration visas.

Among others, Indians remain the most interested professionals to get an H-1B visa to the US, which gives the opportunity to foreigners of areas that require specialized knowledge to come to the United States and fill available jobs.

Despite the hostile environment created by the Trump administration for foreign workers through harder visa application procedures and threats to increase visa fees, in 2018, 70% of those granted with an H-1B visa were Indian nationals.

However, the suppression of the H-1B program has directed affluent Indians to the EB5 visa, which visa is widely known as the “Golden Visa”. These visas, which are given only to foreigners who prove they will be investing at least $500,000 thus creating ten jobs in the US, have burst in recent years. In 2018 India was listed the sixth in the list of the countries from where most beneficiaries of this visa come from.

However, over ways of reaching the US, including illegal ways as falsification of documents, overstaying visas and entering illegally have often been used by Indian passport holders, as the 150 deportees of this week, in an attempt to make true the American Dream.

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