Home Secretary Priti Patel and Indian Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishanka have signed the ‘Migration and Mobility Partnership,’ through which young professionals of both countries could benefit by living and working in the other.

In addition, the UK government’s immigration scheme aims to enhance cooperation on combating immigration, fraud, and crime and attract the best and brightest individuals from India and countries worldwide to study, work and live in Britain VisaGuide.World reports.

“The new partnership with India is an important milestone in delivering on that commitment. It will give more freedom and opportunity to thousands of young people in the United Kingdom and India wanting to experience each other’s cultures, whilst also ensuring that we can work together to protect the vast majority of Indian nationals who do play by the rules,” Home Secretary Priti Patel has said.

According to British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis, the UK and India can address shared challenges, from the best delivering a Coronavirus vaccine at record-breaking speed to the “invaluable medical supplies we have provided each other.”

He said that the migration and mobility partnership would create new opportunities for Indian professionals in Britain while enhancing cooperation to ensure the UK’s system supports genuine students and workers.

“Indian student numbers to the UK are growing fast, and nearly half of all UK skilled work visas go to Indian professionals – contributing significantly to shared prosperity and mutual understanding. I’m confident the new post-study Graduate Route and Young Professionals scheme will significantly increase those numbers,” Ellis has emphasized.

The scheme will permit thousands of persons from age 18 to work and live in one another’s countries for over two years. The program will enable over 3,000 Indian professionals to enter Britain through this route each year.

Indian nationals are already benefiting from the UK’s new points-based immigration system, which permits talented applicants worldwide to work and live in Britain.

Over 53,000 students from India came to Britain to pursue their studies in 2020, a 42 percent increase compared to figures in the previous year. About a quarter of international students in the United Kingdom are from India.

At the same time, the post-study Graduate Route visa, which permits international students who have completed a degree at the undergraduate level to stay back after studies in Britain, will open for applications on July 1, 2021. This program is another possibility for talented Indians to build careers in the United Kingdom.

The recent agreement, known as the ‘Migration and Mobility Partnership,’ will also make possible the return of Indians with no legal right to stay in Britain and vice versa, and ensure further cooperation regarding the organized immigration crime. Ministers and officials of both countries will hold meetings in order to find new ways to tackle organized crime.