Aspiring TikTok employees who are not US citizens have been stranded in a difficult situation, after the US government is holding up approvals of work visas, which they need, in order to start their jobs.

This problem appeared soon after President Trump’s administration threatened to shutter the operations of the company, which are located in the US. TikTok’s CEO also quitted its job after three months of working, VisaGuide.World reports.

International engineers play an essential role in the United States’ labour force, especially for the technology industry.

Under the current situation, several employees face difficulties regarding their employment as they have been hired at TikTok, at the Silicon Valley Campus, but their visa approvals have been delayed, which according to experts is unusual.

Some of the international engineers who were hired by China’s popular social video application stressed that they couldn’t collect a paycheck because the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services didn’t change their immigration status or approve the transfer of temporary work visas from their ex-employers.

A software engineer and Bay Area resident,  Liangyue Li, was supposed to start working at TikTok, on August 31, but the plan was delayed to September 21 due to visa issues.

Li told the Times that “I’m in a lot of financial stress right now,” due to this situation.

“I really hope this situation gets better. I didn’t expect all of this. Every day there is some new news that makes me worry,” he pointed out.

Last week, the United States announced that it had decided to cancel visas for more than 1,000 citizens of China, under a presidential proclamation that was broadcast in late May by the US President, Donald Trump.

The move affected mainly students and researchers, who the US asserted are harmful to the country’s national safety, as they could be connected to the Chinese military.

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