The United States Embassy in Spain refused to issue a visa to the famous Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja, who was scheduled to perform in Miami on February 11.

According to a statement issued by the Universal record label, Pantoja’s visa application has initially been approved, but then it got rejected after a second revision. On the other hand the concert promoters, Loud and Live and 5 stars Entertainment, showed their optimism that Pantoja will be granted a visa to perform in the US, therefore they advised those who had tickets for the show in Miami to keep them and patiently wait for new dates.

The alleged reason behind Pantoja’s visa rejection is that 61-year-old artist has been accused and sentenced with two years in prison for money laundering alongside her lover, the former mayor of Marbella town.

The allegations were confirmed by singer’s niece, Anabel Pantoja, during a Spanish TV show.

“My aunt will not enter Miami because of her criminal record,” she said.

Pantoja had her performances scheduled for February 11 at the James L. Knight Center in Florida, and on the 18 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan. Both were suspended due to visa rejection by the US embassy in Spain.

The famous singer entered a women’s prison in November 2014, where she stayed until March 2016 when she was released on probation.

Pantoja, is an iconic artist in Spain who has sold over 6 million albums and released some 30 recordings. She had signed a contract with Universal Music Spain before her sentence and a new album came out about two months after the end of her probationary period in October 2016. A song she recorded before she entered prison, with the Mexican star Juan Gabriel who died in August 2016, went gold in Spain just weeks after its release and was the final recording for Gabriel.

In 2017, Pantoja returned to the stages of Spain and South America for a series of successful concerts. The dates in Miami and Puerto Rico were originally scheduled for October 2017, but were later canceled due to Hurricane Irma.

She is also known as “the widow of Spain” after her husband Francisco Rivera known as “Paquirri,” a star bullfighter whom she married in 1983, was killed a year after in the ring.

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