The H-1B visa has been discussed in the first-ever 2+2 Dialogue between India and the United States, held in Delhi last week. The Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has used the chance to “forcefully” bring up the issue to the US state secretary Mike Pompeo.

Reportedly, the Minister asked secretary Pompeo for the US to take a non-discriminatory and predictable approach to the H-1B visa regime, since the warned and applied changes could affect the people-to-people links.

“I sought Secretary Pompeo’s support to nurture our people-to-people links,”  Minister Swaraj is reported to have said, during the 2+2 India-US Ministerial Dialogue.

Sushma Swaraj also mentioned to Pompeo that Indians believe the United States will not work against their interest.

“Specifically, I conveyed our expectation for a non-discriminatory and predictable approach to the H-1B visa regime, given its high impact on innovation, competitiveness and people-to-people partnership, all of which are a vital source of strength for our relationship,” Swaraj is reported to have said about the meeting.

Minister Swaraj’s request comes after the US administration has slightly tightened the H-1B visa rules, under the Trump Buy American, Hire American policy, mostly affecting Indians as the largest group that benefit from H-1B visas.

Indian CEO arrested in US on H-1B visa fraud charges

The 2+2 comes just about a week after an Indian CEO was arrested in the United States on visa fraud charges. According to the Department of Justice of the US Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Washington, Pradyumna Kumar Samal, was arrested for fraudulently obtaining H-1B visas.

It is believed that the 49-year-old CEO of two Bellevue Information Technology Companies has fraudulently brought over 200 foreign workers to US.

Earlier in June this year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services revealed that more than 5000 cases of H-1B visa abuse and fraud were reported last year alone, despite of USCIS policies and tools to combat and prevent H-1B Visa fraud and abuse.

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