The proposed amendment to the H-1B visa program by President Trump’s administration, which would define what exactly “special occupation” would include, is close to publication, as the United States Department for Homeland and Security has already sent the proposed rule to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, VisaGuide.World reports.

After the White House regulatory office reviews the regulation, it will be released by the federal agency and ready to be published for the public’s comments.

The text of the new proposed rule is not available yet; thus, the new changes are still not completely known and clarified.

However, the abstract by the agency stresses that the definition would be revised “to increase focus on obtaining the best and the brightest foreign nationals via the H-1B program, and revise the definition of employment and employer-employee relationship to protect U.S. workers and wages better.”

Since 2017, the administration has said that would specify the definition of “speciality occupation” for the H-1B, but the changes have been continuously delayed.

According to the abstract, the new changes would add requirements “to make sure employers pay appropriate wages to H-1B workers.

The White House budget office needs to review the proposed regulation within  90 days “but could take less time given the rule’s importance to the Trump administration,” according to the high-profile immigration law firm Fragomen.

The H-1B visa enables internationals which are specialized in specific skills, including professors, architects, IT professionals, etc., to work in the United States temporarily.