Center for Immigration Studies: American Workers Are Being Replaced by the H-1B Visa Program

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Center for Immigration Studies: American Workers Are Being Replaced by the H-1B Visa Program

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The American Center for Immigration Studies has come with a new report, unfolding stories of American STEM workers who were allegedly “victims of the H-1B program”. The CIS, which is a non-profit organization and think tank that opposes immigration, through the years has voiced its concerns regarding “foreigners taking jobs from Americans.”

In its latest report, the CIS accuses big corporations and their lobbyists for falsely claiming that there is a shortage of American STEM workers.

“In fact, only about a third of natives with college degrees in STEM fields actually hold STEM jobs, meaning there are millions of Americans who could be recruited prior to turning to foreigners. Foreign-educated immigrants are also less-skilled than U.S. degree holders when it comes to tests on numeracy, literacy, and computer operations. Foreign-educated immigrants with a college or advanced degree perform at about the level of Americans with only a high school diploma, according to test scores,” the report claims.

It further insists that there is no shortage of qualified American STEM workers, but rather that most Americans with STEM degrees work in other industries, due to big corporates hiring cheap labor from overseas.

The report shares the stories of 11 persons who are allegedly victims of the H-1B visa program. According to these persons, they were “forced to train their replacements, verbally harassed by foreign H-1B workers, and left unable to support their families.”

One of these persons, a woman over her 40ties, who claims to have a degree in computer science and math and is a software math engineer, says that she has been replaced with unqualified people.

The notion that these H-1B visa holders are specialized is a complete sham. They come out of sham universities in Bangalore with no specializations whatsoever,” she says claiming that she had been forced to train her replacement in order to get her severance.

Another woman, who is both a mother and a tech worker, says she is disappointed with the US government prioritizing foreign citizens over its own.

“We have no voice in Washington. There are 500 lobbyists for Big Tech, for cheap labor via the H-1B, L-1, OPT, and H4 EAD programs. Who wants to hear from us?” she complains.

The American Center for Immigration Studies claims that although the stories are anecdotal, they are corroborated by data. The report calls on the US President Donald Trump and the members of the Congress to meet with these American workers and to hear their stories.

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