The football legend Diego Maradona has failed to get a visa for the United States, after the US embassy in Dubai rejected its visa application earlier last month. Maradona, who is the coach of Al Fujairah club based in the United Arab Emirates, was in the process of obtaining a visa in order to visit Miami for a court case involving his ex-wife Claudia Villafañe.

Maradona, who is a fierce critic of the US. government has not commented the case. However, his lawyer Matias Morla, an interview for the program ‘Buenos Días América’, said that the visa rejection came after the football legend insulted Trump during a TV interview. According to Morla, Maradona was giving an interview to Venezuelan TV channel TeleSur, when he was asked about his thoughts on Trump.

The former Argentina player and manager, who is not a fan of the US president, called him a ‘chirolita’, which is a common insult in Argentina that refers to dummy people who are under the orders of others as puppets.

“Donald Trump is a chirolita,” he said.

This is not the first time that Maradona is denied entry to the US.  In 1993, the United States consulate in Buenos Aires denied Maradona a visa, claiming he had been previously arrested for cocaine possession in Italy, therefore he could not be permitted to enter the country.

However, Maradona entered the US in 1994 during the USA FIFA World Cup, but he was sent home shortly after, following a failed drug test. He also had his visa revoked and was told never to return to the United States again.

His lawyer Matias Morla, will be representing the retired footballer at the court in Miami instead. The trial with Maradona’s ex-partner, Claudia Villafane is about some property purchases she made with her maiden name when she was still married.

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