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USCIS Completes H-1B Visa Cap Selection Process for Fiscal Year 2020

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services have completed all H-1B visa cap selection process for fiscal year 2020. According to a press release of the agency, the computer-generated random selection process, including those selected under the U.S. advanced degree exemption has been finalized. “As in previous years, we will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that we did not select and will issue an announcement once we are done notifying petitioners. Due to the volume [...]

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Trump Administration Proposes H-1B Visa Fee Hike

American employers wishing to bring to US highly-skilled foreigners on an H-1B visa may soon have to face some other challenges, while applying, and that is the higher costs for getting the visa. The Trump administration is proposing to increase the fees for H-1B visa applicants, in order to fund the expansion of the apprentice program that prepares the American youngsters in fields related to technology. While testifying before a Congressional committee the United States Labor Secretary [...]

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Center for Immigration Studies: American Workers Are Being Replaced by the H-1B Visa Program

The American Center for Immigration Studies has come with a new report, unfolding stories of American STEM workers who were allegedly “victims of the H-1B program”. The CIS, which is a non-profit organization and think tank that opposes immigration, through the years has voiced its concerns regarding “foreigners taking jobs from Americans.” In its latest report, the CIS accuses big corporations and their lobbyists for falsely claiming that there is a shortage of American STEM workers. “In [...]

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Israelis Can Apply for US E-2 Treaty Investor Visas Starting Next Month

The United States has added Israel to the list of countries eligible for E-2 Treaty Investor Visas. Nationals of the country will be able to apply for such a visa starting May 1, 2019. The US Embassy in Jerusalem has announced the signing of the treaty through a press release. “The U.S. Embassy has the pleasure to announce that a treaty investor agreement (E2 Visa) has been signed between the United States and Israel and will become [...]

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Visit US Coalition Supports Renaming the Visa Waiver Program to the Secure Partnership Program

The Visit US Coalition has shown its support to the JOLT Act, the bipartisan legislation that suggests the renaming of the US Visa Waiver Program to the Secure Travel Partnership. According to a press release of the coalition, the change would better reflect the program’s security standards and traveler benefits. Andrea Riccio spokesperson for the Visit US Coalition, which is a broad cross-section of industries that have come together to address the decrease of foreign travelers to [...]

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DHS to Double Number of H-2B Visas for the 2019 Summer Season

The United States Department of Homeland Security has made another 30,000 seasonal guest worker visas available for 2019, additional to the regular 33,000 that are annually granted. The move has been undertaken in a bid to bring more foreign workers to do the work that Americans won't do. According to a statement by the DHS, the US Congress has set the H-2B cap at 66,000 per fiscal year, with a maximum of 33,000 available during the first [...]

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FY 2020 H-1B Visa Regular Cap Reached in Five Days

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have announced that the H1-B Visa regular cap for the fiscal year 2020 has been reached. According to a press release of the USCIS, the agency has received a sufficient number of petitions projected as needed to reach the congressionally mandated 65,000 H-1B visa regular cap for the fiscal year 2020. “USCIS will next determine if we have received a sufficient number of petitions to meet the 20,000 H-1B [...]

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US Ambassador: Poles Will Travel to USA Visa-Free by 2020

US Ambassador in Warsaw, Georgette Mosbacher has once again reiterated that Poland will move under the US Visa Waiver program before the end of her mandate. Ambassador Mosbacher, who was officially credentialed by President Andrzej Duda in a ceremony at the Belweder Palace in September 2018, said during an interview that if not this year, by 2020 Poles would be able to travel to the United States visa-free. She encouraged Polish citizens to take advantage of the [...]

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New Zealand Reconfirms Introduction of Travel Authorization for 60 Countries

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack that left 50 people dead in Christchurch, New Zealand has reconfirmed that it will introduce the long-planned measures to tighten pre-entry screening. As previously announced, travelers from 60 countries under the New Zealand visa-free entry program, will need to apply for an eTA before traveling to the country as of summer this year. The eTA stands for the Electronic Travel Authority security and facilitation measure. Its main purpose is to [...]

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Five Arrested for Helping Chinese Students Cheat in English Exams to Get US Visas

Five people have been arrested in the US last week, under suspicions of having links with an English Proficiency Exam cheating scheme that enabled Chinese nationals to get US student visas. According to a press release of the Department of Justice at the US Attorney’s Office of the Central District of California, the defendants are suspected of being involved in a scheme that aided Chinese students to pass their exams for a US F-1 Student Visa. The [...]

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