North Macedonia and Ukraine have signed a permanent visa waiver deal, which enables the citizens of both to enter the other country without the need of obtaining a visa first, and excludes the need of the yearly renewal of the agreement, as it has happened so far.

The agreement was signed on July 12, between Ukraine’s Ambassador in North Macedonia Natalya Zadorozhnyuk on behalf of Ukraine and the North Macedonian Minister for Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov on behalf of North Macedonia.

According to an announcement of the Ukrainian Embassy in Skopje, posted on Facebook, the agreement stipulates that citizens of Ukraine and North Macedonia who use valid passports can enter, exit, transit and stay on the territory of the state to the other party for a period for up to 90 days within 180 days.

“Important provisions of the Agreement are the abolition of the need to issue a long-term visa D in the case of employment, training, family reunification and/or immigration (spouses, parents, children), as well as waiving the payment for issuing other categories of visas citizens of Ukraine and Northern Macedonia,” the announcement reads.

Foreign Affairs Minister of North Macedonia Nikola Dimitrov shared photos from the agreement-signing ceremony on Facebook, at the same time announcing that trade exchange between Ukraine and North Macedonia has grown recently.

“Today we have concluded a visa-free regime for short-term stay with Ukraine, whereby the trade exchange in the first five months this year has grown more than double, compared to the whole 2018 year,” Minister Dimitrov said.

On the other hand, the Ambassador of Ukraine in North Macedonia Natalya Zadorozhnyuk on another Facebook post said that there is no more need to prolong the visa-free acting agreement annually.

So far, Ukraine and North Macedonia have been signing temporary visa-free regime annually. However, now will be no more need for the visa-free regime to be renewed yearly, as a permanent deal has been signed.

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