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Ukraine to launch e-visa for 52 countries in January

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced that it will stop issuing visas to foreign citizens at international airports from January 1, 2019. Instead, the Ministry has introduced a new extended list of nationals eligible for an e-visa, who are required to apply at least ten days prior to their trip. The new Ukrainian e-visa will be issued for the following purposes of entry to Ukraine: business private tourism medical treatment cultural/scientific/educational/sports activities foreign mass media staff visits Eligible [...]

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Ukraine Launches Electronic Visa System

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has launched an electronic visa service, on April 4, which will be beneficial to 46 countries around the world. Citizens of all eligible countries will be able to obtain a travel authorization online, from anywhere in the world. The application takes just a few minutes to fulfill and the processing might take up to 9 days. There’s a $65 fee, which shall be paid with a bank card. Such travel authorization also [...]

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Ukraine Signs Visa Free Travel Agreement with Antigua and Barbuda

Ukraine has signed an agreement with Antigua and Barbuda on the lifting of visa regime between both countries. Residents of the former soviet country and the commonwealth country no longer need a visa to enter the borders of each, whether to experience the country or for business. The agreement has been signed on Tuesday, February 6, at the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly and Ambassador of [...]

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Georgia and Ukraine Take Big Steps Up in International Passports Index

The Georgian passport is the biggest climber of the passports index rating, gaining more access than any other country part of the list, as a result of the new visa-free access to 32 countries, including those of the Schengen zone. The regulation which removed visa requirements for Georgians entered into force on March, 2017. This year Georgia ranks 53th out of 199 countries and ranked 68th in the previous ranking last year. Its passport holder now can [...]

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