Travellers from Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Haiti, Peru, and Venezuela will no longer be required to follow mandatory hotel quarantine rule when planning to enter the United Kingdom’s territory starting from November 1, as the latter’s government has removed the final seven countries that were placed in the red list. 

“This is another step in the right direction for international travel with more good news today for passengers, businesses and the travel industry. We’re continuing to make great progress as we recover from the pandemic and today is another example of how far we have come,” Transport Secretary Grant Shapps pointed out in this regard.

However, the UK’s government has clarified that despite removing the countries mentioned above from the red group, such a list will continue to be kept in place and will be applied to passengers from countries that are profoundly affected by the virus, VisaGuide.World reports.

“The red list and quarantine hotel requirement remains in place and will continue to act as a crucial line of defence against the importation of  COVID-19 variants of concern. We will review the red list every three weeks and will impose restrictions should there be a need to do so to protect public health,” the statement published by the UK’s government reads.

Based on the official figures published by the World Health Organization (WHO), since the start of the pandemic, a total of 8,897,153 people have tested positive for the Coronavirus and its new strains. The data provided by WHO shows that during the same period, a total of 140,041 people have died due to the virus. In addition, authorities in Britain have reported 43,922 new COVID-19 infection cases and 207 deaths in the last 24 hours.

The UK’s government has stressed that the Delta variant is the dominant variant in the largest number of countries worldwide while emphasizing that the risk of known COVID-19 variants entering the UK has been reduced, so the quarantine requirement for travellers from the seven countries that were included on the red list can be removed, after taking into account the data provided by the UK’s Health Security Agency’s (UKHSA) assessment.

Authorities in Britain have clarified that all passengers who hold valid proof of vaccination from over 30 other countries, and territories including Argentina, Cambodia and Tanzania, will be considered fully vaccinated and will be eligible to travel to the UK.

 However, authorities in the UK have also stressed that all arrivals will be required to fill in the passenger locator form ahead of travel. 

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