The UK Home Office has launched a new campaign through which its plans to better inform the business sector about the new points-based immigration system, which will be introduced after December 31.

According to the statement published by Home Office, the business sector will receive more information regarding the way they hire from the European Union, as the previous procedures are changing, VisaGuide.World reports.

The Minister for Future Borders and Immigration Kevin Foster, announcing the campaign, said that the new points-based system would be fairer and firmer, giving the United Kingdom authorities control of their borders and treating persons based on the skills they have to offer and the contribution they can make to the UK, not where they come from.

“We will be able to decide who comes into the country, allowing us to prioritize and invest in those people already in the UK, upskilling our current workforce, whilst also attracting the best and brightest from around the world to complement the skills we already have,” Minister Foster stressed.

The Home Office stressed that it is vital that employers are prepared for the new points-based migration system.

New UK’s campaign will be presented in different media platforms throughout this autumn.

Through the new points-based system, all persons who wish to enter the United Kingdom must first meet some criteria and apply for permission in advance. Applicants who gain enough points will then be awarded visas.

The UK’s new points-based system was first launched in February 2008, following the Australian system, and was applied to persons who sought to enter Britain from non-European Union countries. However, once the Brexit transition period comes to an end, the system will be applied to all international countries.

However, in February, the UK’s Home Secretary, Priti Patel stressed that only persons who prove that they are sufficiently prepared in their professions would benefit from the new system. This means that unskilled migrants coming from European Union countries will be ineligible to get a visa to work in the UK from January 1, 2021.

According to Patel, the new system will help the UK’s government protect their borders and restore the trust of the citizens of Britain.

In July, Home Secretary Patel emphasized that Britain is ready to welcome the best talents from all over the world, from January 2021. She had also revealed some details from the immigration system.

Patel had stressed that all persons would be treated equally, once the system would be implemented, highlighting once again that through the system, Britain has more control of their borders.