The Government of the United Kingdom is considering removing the traffic light system, which categorizes countries into green, amber, or red list based on their epidemiological situation, the British media have reported.

As such, according to BBC, if a new system comes in place after September 30, vaccinated travelers would be able to travel to countries that are not highly affected by COVID-19 disease and who have high vaccination rates without having to follow self-isolation measures.

In regards to the new developments, the CEO of PC Agency, Paul Charles, said that scrapping the traffic light system would be a relief for everyone since it would create a new individual approach rather than the “blanket country measures” that have been applying until now to all travelers, regardless of their vaccination status.

“#UKGov wants to move towards a travel system based on “individual” rather than “blanket country” risk. So two people returning from the same country would face differing testing approaches depending on whether they’re fully-jabbed. This should have been in place this summer,” Charles added.

Nonetheless, the red category, which includes countries that UK travelers can only visit for absolutely essential purposes, will remain unchanged. This means that all those traveling or returning from a red-listed country will have to follow a ten-day mandatory quarantine requirement at a place approved by the government, VisaGuide.World reports.

The traffic light system was put into use by the UK’s authorities in order to control the spread of the COVID-19 and its variants within the country as well as protect public health. However, even though the UK’s list gets updated every three weeks, the majority of countries are still part of the red list, which has led to a downfall in the country’s economy and in the travel and tourism sector.

Consequently, everyone in the business and travel industry is calling on the authorities to remove the COVID-19 testing requirement for fully vaccinated persons when returning or traveling to the UK since such a measure has created barriers in the sector.

In addition, the leaders of the travel sector believe that as soon as the authorities implement a new approach and remove excessive rules travel demand will rise, which would immensely help the country’s economy.

Based on the data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), as of September 9, the UK has identified a total of 7,056,110 COVID-19 infection cases. Only during the last 24 hours, the country has reported 37,179 new cases.

In addition, the same source has shown that 133,483 persons in the UK have died of Coronavirus health-related issues. During the last 24 hours, the country has reported 209 deaths.

As for the vaccination rate, until now, 65.3 percent of the country’s entire population has been fully vaccinated.

Yesterday, VisaGuide.World reported that EU/EEA and Swiss citizens would no longer be permitted entry to the UK by presenting only an identity card. As a result, the British authorities have announced that from October, all citizens of one of the territories will be required to present a passport. Still, certain exemptions will apply.

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