UK Introduces New Settlement Visa Rules for Turkish Businesspeople

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UK Introduces New Settlement Visa Rules for Turkish Businesspeople

2018-06-29T15:55:12+00:00 June 29th, 2018|UK Visa/Passport News|

More than 10 thousand Turkish entrepreneurs that reside in the United Kingdom alongside with their families might have felt confused over the new visa rules that the Home Office published recently on the Turkish businesspersons holding European Community Association Agreement visas.

However, according to the new rules, the holders of these visas will not have the right to settle permanently in the UK, but they have the right to apply for indefinite leave to remain after 5 years of staying in the UK under an ECAA visa.

“A new settlement category for Turkish businesspeople, workers and their families who are in the UK under the EU-Turkey European Communities Association Agreement (ECAA),” the Home Office publication read, further explaining that the Turkish workers and businesspeople, as well as their families and their dependents would be able to settle in the UK after five years of stay under the ECAA visa.

Since March 16, when the government announced it was ending the right of the ECAA visa holders to settle permanently in the UK after four years, holders of this visa have been facing uncertainty about their future in the UK. After the referendum on Brexit, it was obvious for Turkish businesspersons in the UK that the agreement would be affected, but it was unpredictable that their permanent residencies would be removed.

The Ankara Agreement, that allows Turkish nationals to enter the UK and establish there a business without having to apply for visas under the stringent Point Based System, was signed between Turkey and The European Community Association Agreement, as it was known back then.

The new changes were announced alongside the exclusion of nurses and doctors from the Tier 2 visa system for skilled migrants. Britain has been making a lot of changes in its immigration visa system, with the Brexit date approaching, when Britain finally leaves the European Union.