EU and US nationals traveling to the United Kingdom are no longer subject to quarantine requirements. The British authorities have ended the amber list and introduced a single-red list system representing only epidemiologically high-risk countries, VisaGuide.World reports. 

This means that former amber list countries, including the US and several EU countries, are automatically placed on green and don’t have to take pre-departure tests nor quarantine upon arrival.

Moreover, the decision, which became effective on October 4, makes vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans eligible to travel to the UK if they can meet the following requirements:

  • Book and pay for a COVID test to take upon arrival
  • Complete the passenger locator form (PLF) by also adding the booking reference for the day two post-arrival test
  • Take the COVID test within 48 hours after entering the UK

The same rule applies to children from five to 17, meaning they have to get tested for COVID-19 on the second day of their stay in the UK.

Moreover, the British government enabled travelers to substitute the post-arrival COVID test with a less expensive option. But, if the travelers test positive, they must take a PCR test to back up the result.

VisaGuide.World recently reported that the UK had ended its color-coded system, meaning that all countries previously added on the amber list have no longer to quarantine upon arrival. In addition, the pre-departure requirement has also been abolished, meaning that Americans don’t have to get tested before traveling to the UK.

The US has been placed on UK’s amber list until the end of July, obliging Americans to quarantine for ten days upon arrival, take the pre-departure test and undergo two post-arrival tests.

VisaGuide.World has warned about facilitating entry rules back in early September as the British media reported abolishing the amber list.

This decision was made possible due to the vaccination rollout that the UK is implementing. According to Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, eight out of ten people in the country have been vaccinated against the virus, making it possible for the government to lower testing costs.

Most recent data from the UK’s official site for COVID-19 shows that 89.8 percent of Britons have received the first shot of the vaccines, whereas 82.5 percent have been fully vaccinated. This means that out of 93.9 million vaccinations being administered, 48.9 million inhabitants received the first vaccine shot, whereas 44.9 million have been fully immunized to the virus.

On the other hand, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that 64.9 percent of Americans have received the first shot of the COVID vaccine, whereas 56 percent is fully vaccinated. Moreover, about 5.7 million Americans have received their booster doses, accounting for 3.1 percent of the population.

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