EU unskilled migrants will be ineligible to get into the UK, after the introduction of a new points-based immigration system last Wednesday, in a bid of the government to take over the control of the borders and to restore the trust of the citizens of UK.

From the new points-based immigrant system, according to the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, will take profit only the applicants who will gain enough points from specific skills, qualifications, salaries or professions, VisaGuide.World reports.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel said that the new decision that will come to force from 1 January 2021, will bring the migration numbers down.

“We’re ending free movement, taking back control of our borders and delivering on the people’s priorities by introducing a new UK points-based immigration system, which will bring overall migration numbers down. We will attract the brightest and the best from around the globe, boosting the economy and our communities, and unleash this country’s full potential” Patel asserted.

The new system aims to treat migrants from the EU equally as those who come from the other continents, including European citizens from non-EU countries.

The system will treat with priority the citizens who reach the highest points from experience in their profession, qualifications, English language knowledge and other different skills, targeting highly-skilled as engineers and academics.

According to the government, the new points-based system is an attempt to get to grant visas only to applicants who successfully pass through all the procedures, in a bid to bring to the UK the brightest talents of the world.

Applicants must reach at least 70 points in order to gain a visa according to the visa points-based immigration system.

The applicants can get to 50 points if they have a job offer that is approved by the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) recommendations, at an appropriate skill level and they also need to know the English language.

By these three “conditions” the applicant can get 50 points, but to get the 70 needed points, applicants must need to fulfil other conditions.

To reach the 70 points, the applicants can gain other 20 points by earning from their job offer at least £25,600 or to gain extra points for a better qualification (for example 10 points could be earned for a relevant PhD or 20 points could be earned if their PhD is in the field of science, technology, engineering or maths) or if they have a job offer in a sector in which the UK has a shortage of workers (from that the applicants can get 20 points), even if from that job they don’t earn too much money.

So far, EU citizens don’t need to obtain a visa to work in the UK, due to the European agreement of free movement which the UK has signed while it was an EU member. Yet, things are set to change upon the end of the transitional period next year. 

The system that is being applied now includes temporary workers, students, skilled workers and migrants with exceptional talent or major investors.

The number of applicants wishing to get a work visa to the United Kingdom is estimated to be around 21,000 per year.

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