Passport color might be just one of the many uncertainties for Britons in a post-Brexit world.

Despite of the early assumptions, whether the British passport would still be issued in EU’s burgundy-colored post BREXIT, last December the British government announced that after leaving the European Union, Great Britain will switch back to blue colored passports that the country used to issue to Britons from 1920 to 1988.

Among others, the Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May wrote on Twitter that ‘ the blue passport is an expression of our independence and sovereignty”.

“The UK passport is an expression of our independence and sovereignty – symbolizing our citizenship of a proud, great nation. That’s why we have announced that the iconic #bluepassport will return after we leave the European Union in 2019,” PM Theresa May wrote on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, the move was strongly supported by the former leader of the right-wing U.K. Independence Party and one of the leading advocates of Brexit, Nigel Farage.

“A return to British passports means we are becoming a proper country again. We are getting our individuality and national identity back,” he said on Twitter.

The new passport is intended to go live in 2019, once Britain leaves the EU. It will cost a hefty £490 million to redesign and produce since it is also said to be one of the most secure travel documents in the world, with new security measures against fraud and forgery.

British travelers have since 1988 been issued with the EU’s burgundy-colored passport, after the European Union agreed on a similar passport format for the member countries. The switch prompted howls of outrage at the time.

The new document, will be issued in blue from October 2019.

The current format of the EU passport contains common features on which member states have agreed in non-binding resolutions, such as paper size, the burgundy-colored cover, similar typeface for name and the use of the words ‘European Union’ in the country’s official language on the cover.

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