Sajid Javid Wants to Make It Easier for Foreign Students to Work in UK

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Sajid Javid Wants to Make It Easier for Foreign Students to Work in UK

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The potential successor of Theresa May as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, current Home Secretary Sajid Javid wants to create a better environment for foreign students in the UK who wish to stay and work post-graduation.
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Pakistani-origin minister, who is one of the 10 persons that may succeed May as the leader of the UK Conservative Party, recently said that as a PM he would make a post-study program for foreign students graduating from UK universities, allowing them to stay and work in the UK for an additional two years.

“It makes no sense to send some of the world’s brightest and most enterprising people straight home after their time here,” Secretary Javid said.

Currently, non-EEA students that graduate from any university in Britain have only six months to stay in the UK, and then they have to leave.

“If they’re coming here, studying in our great universities, if they want to work afterwards we should make it easier for them to stay and work, and not say, you’ve got to go back home, just for the sake of it. We need a more positive attitude to this. I think the country would become this,” Javid commented.

He also said that if he gets to become a PM he will undertake the necessary steps to create the two-year post-study work visa which would include the non-EEA nationals, among whom, Indian nationals as well.

“And hence, Indian students will benefit too. It’s been a constant goal of mine to reverse the decline in the number of Indian students coming to study in the UK ever since I was universities minister. I hope this will help make the UK a top choice for Indian students in the years to come,” he explained.

Sajid Javid succeeded former UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd at the end of April last year. He had promised to introduce a “fairer, more compassionate” immigration system, which would permit Home Office staff to use their common sense.

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