The number of Chinese travelers visiting and experiencing the United Kingdom has doubled in comparison to the previous year, the Chinese online travel agency (OTA) Ctrip claims, making it one of the fastest growing overseas destinations.

As stated by the report, more than 60 thousand people booked a trip to Britain through their platform in 2016, and last year the number was twice bigger than the previous.

Aside of Brexit as the most main factor for such a significant increase of the number of tourists, other factors as more direct flights, the depreciation of the pound, an open skies agreement and also the facilitated Chinese travel to the UK have helped drive the growth of the Chinese tourist number.

The report jointly released by the China Tourism Academy and Ctrip also shows that approximately 42 percent of the tourists chose to travel with tour groups, while the rest preferred a personalized travel plan instead. Most Chinese tourists were more interested in visiting old castles, churches and opera houses.

Britain remains among the top three favorite European destinations for Chinese tourists, the report confirms, adding that most visitors spent eight to ten days in Britain, but still, trips lasting 15 days are very popular.

Nonetheless, it is very doubtful that the viability of growth of Chinese tourism to the UK will be long term. That’s because much of past year’s growth was mostly driven by a weaker pound, which inevitably will recover much of its value.

Recently, officials from China and the United Kingdom have carried out many meetings, where the relations between both countries have been at the focus of the discussions, especially in a post-Brexit era. Last week the Chinese President Xi Jinping called for an enhanced version of the “Golden Era” of China-Britain ties during his meeting with the British Prime Minister Theresa May. The proposal was highly assessed by experts in Britain who expressed confidence in bilateral relations in the future.

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