The United Kingdom Home Office Secretary, Priti Patel has tasked the Migration Advisory Committee to review the Australian immigration systems and other similar systems, in a bid to find update the current UK PBS.

In a letter to Professor Alan Manning, the Chair of the Migration Advisory Committee, Home Secretary, Priti Patel asks the MAC to report by January 2020 on a review of the Australian immigration system and similar systems in order to find the best practice that could be used to strengthen the UK labor market.

 “On 24 June 2019, the then Home Secretary commissioned the MAC to consider salary thresholds in the context of the future immigration system. Today, I am asking the MAC, as part of their current work on future potential salary thresholds, to conduct a review of the Australian immigration system and similar systems to advise on what best practice can be used to strengthen the UK labor market and attract the best and brightest from around the world,” Secretary Patel wrote in her letter.

She also wrote that the revised commission should reflect the Government’s vision and overarching principles of the future UK immigration system while being fair to those in the UK and those coming. According to Patel, the new system should allow the UK to have full control of the borders and immigration, which would lead to improving public confidence in the government’s immigration system whilst allowing the UK to welcome talented and skilled individuals from all over the world.

In his response, Professor Alan Manning assured Secretary Patel that the MAC looks forward to engaging with colleagues in Government, business and all other interested parties to produce a report in response to this commission, alongside the existing Salary Threshold Commission.

As an evidence-based body it is important for us to be able to evaluate the UK’s previous experience with systems similar to a PBS – the Highly Skilled Migrants’ Programme (that ran from 2002-2008) and the Tier 1 (General) programme (that ran from 2008 to 2010),” he wrote in his letter.

He also expressed his hopes that officials in the Home Office and elsewhere would assist in obtaining access to the necessary data in a form suitable for analysis.

The new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had promised that he would review the current UK Points Based System, in order to make sure that only the right people get UK visas under this scheme.  Last week, the UK government revealed its plans for a no-deal Brexit, which includes introducing harder border controls.

Under the new immigration plans in case of a no-deal Brexit, the blue EU customs channel will be removed, requiring all travelers to make customs declarations by choosing the red or green channel. In addition, blue UK passports will be introduced later this year, getting rid of the burgundy European Union passports.

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