The United Kingdom has finally revealed the procedures that the nationals of the 26 out of 27 European Union Member States need to follow, after January 31, in order to be able to study in the UK.

According to a guideline published by the British government, starting from January, only Irish students will be exempt from the requirement of getting a visa, in order to study at a UK higher education institution as an EU national.

From January 1, 2021, if you do not already live in the UK or have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement, you will need to meet specific requirements and apply through the PBS to study in the UK,” the government notes, explaining that the new Student Visa falls under the Points Based System.

To apply for the new Student Visa, EU nationals will need to submit an application up to six months in advance of the day classes start, by paying a fee of £348 and presenting proof they meet the requirements for getting this visa.

According to the government, EU students will need to score 70 points in the Points Based System, just as the students of other world countries, in order to be eligible for a visa. These points can be scored by meeting the conditions set below:

EU nationals who obtain a Student Visa for the UK will be eligible to bring dependants with them in the UK if they are studying at master’s level or above on a course lasting nine months or more. Those who are UK Government-sponsored students on a course lasting six months or more can also bring their dependents with them.

The following qualify as dependents: spouse, unmarried partner with whom the student has a stable relationship, and children under 18.

The student visa holder must show proof that he/she is capable of financially supporting their dependants.

After completing their studies in the UK, EU students will be able to apply for a Graduate visa, which enables its holder to stay in the UK for another two years and work or seek work. PhD graduates can stay up to three years.

Data shows that over 450,000 international students were enrolled at UK universities last academic year, a third of which from the 27 EU Member States. The UK government had foreseen a decrease of 20 per cent of EU student enrolment in the UK due to Brexit, but university organizations under the umbrella of Universities UK believe the decrease will be much higher.

In a bid to remain attractive for foreign students, the UK announced last month it would facilitate visa rules for international students coming to the country, by introducing flexibility in visa rules, with health precautions throughout the visa procedures in order to facilitate experiences for all, especially international students.