England’s citizens who wish to travel abroad from March 8 will be obliged to fill a “Declaration to Travel” form; otherwise, they will be prohibited from traveling, and even face a £200 fine.

Before traveling, England citizens must download the form available at the UK’s government website, VisaGuide.World reports.

“Police have been stepping up their presence at ports and airports in recent weeks. Officers will be conducting spot checks and have the power to ask travelers to produce a completed form. It will be an offense to fail to produce a completed form, and individuals could face a £200 fine,” the United Kingdom government’s statement clarifies.

However, British authorities have recalled that stay-at-home rules remain effective; therefore, it is illegal to travel to foreign countries without any significant reason such as work or education.

The UK’s Police will check the country’s ports in order to ensure that all passengers are following mandatory quarantine rules.

Persons seeking to travel abroad for unnecessary reasons will be urged to return to their homes. They even risk receiving fines from £200 and up to £6,400.

Back in February, the Home Office stressed that it allocated an additional £60 million financial support for the country’s police, including £2 million to costs of extra activity costs by police at ports and airports.

The sum brought the total amount of funding available to forces to about £200 million since the Coronavirus outbreak started to spread widely.

Authorities in Britain up to this point have imposed many preventive measures while tightening their controls further in order to minimize the risk of virus transmission at the border by introducing pre-departure testing for all passengers arriving from abroad.

The UK’s government also requires all persons who travel back to Britain from countries highly affected by the virus to quarantine for ten days when entering the country.

However, in Scotland, Northern Ireland as well as in Wales, there are but in place different restrictions, but up to this point, there is no declaration for travel form requirement.

Still, travel to foreign countries is prohibited and considered illegal unless citizens have any specific reason.

Passengers arriving from any other countries in the United Kingdom will be required to take two COVID-19 tests while following quarantine rules.

Even though UK authorities strictly ban travel, the government seeks to find new alternatives that would help international travel restart safely.

Such a plan was previously discussed by the Secretary of State, Grant Shapps, in the first meeting of the new Global Travel Taskforce.

The statistics published by Worldometers reveal that the United Kingdom is the fifth most infected territory worldwide, with over 4,218,520 registered cases and a total of 124,419 cases of deaths.

According to Worldometers’ data, more than 3,199,560 persons have been totally recovered from the deadly virus in the United Kingdom, while there are 894,536 active cases.