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UK universities demand visa system changes to permit foreign students work post- graduation

Universities in United Kingdom want their government to make changes to the visa system, in order to permit foreign students to work for up to two years in the country, after their graduation. The main reason behind such a request, is to make the UK a more attractive destination for international students and graduates, thus enabling the country to compete with other popular destinations as the US and Canada. UK university leaders want Home Office to reintroduce [...]

September 4th, 2018|UK Visa/Passport News|

UK government refuses visas for Edinburgh book festival authors

A dozen authors from African and Middle East countries, who were scheduled to participate at this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival, have had their visas refused at least once by the UK Home Office.  The director of the festival Nick Barely called the act “humiliating and embarrassing”. According to the director of the festival that starts on Saturday, around 900 authors and illustrators from 55 countries will be appearing at the festival. However, Barley claims that many [...]

House of Lords warns cultural sector may suffer without post-Brexit visa agreements

Post-Brexit UK will struggle to attract talents in cultural sector, if it applies to EU nationals the same restrictions that are currently applied to third-country nationals. A recent report called “Brexit: movement of people in the cultural sector”, published by the UK House of Lords, identifying the potential impact on the cultural sector of post-Brexit immigration restrictions, suggests that UK has to make reciprocal arrangements for the movement of people between UK and the EU in order [...]

UK to Test Post-Brexit EU Citizens Registration Scheme in August

Some of the EU nationals, which are university staff or students at the North West of England or National Health System workers, living in the United Kingdom will take part in the EU settlement Scheme by the UK government, in order to allow those working on the scheme to test the system using real applicants. Up to 4000 students and staff from 3 Liverpool Universities and 12 NHS Trusts have been invited to become part of the [...]

UK Home Secretary: UK may never introduce post-Brexit visa regime with EU

The UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid has told to the Home Affairs Select Committee that UK may never introduce a visa regime for EU citizens, even after Brexit finalizes on March 29, 2019. Despite of giving such statement, which caused fury among the ministers, Home Secretary Javid also claimed that free movement would “totally” end, still adding that UK may drop demands for visas in the hope of a better trade deal. He also gave clear hints [...]

UK launches new visas route for foreign scientists, academics

Non-EEA researches, scientists and academics can now enter the UK and remain there for up to two years under the new "UKRI Science, Research and Academia" scheme, which the government has added to the Tier 5 visa route with the sole purpose of encouraging the ongoing growth of the research sector in the United Kingdom. The scheme is operated by the United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI), which alongside with 12 other approved research organizations are permitted [...]

UK Grants Only 6 non-EU Architects With Visas Out of 111 Applicants

Only 5% of third-country architects who applied for a Tier 2 visa had their applications approved, while another 105 failed to obtain a visa. Figures show a shockingly low success rate of the Tier 2 visa applications among non-EU architects attempting to come to live and work in the UK, November 2017 to April 2018. Home Office data, published by the Eversheds Sutherland also show that less than 18% of the applications submitted by civil engineers and [...]

UK Introduces New Settlement Visa Rules for Turkish Businesspeople

More than 10 thousand Turkish entrepreneurs that reside in the United Kingdom alongside with their families might have felt confused over the new visa rules that the Home Office published recently on the Turkish businesspersons holding European Community Association Agreement visas. However, according to the new rules, the holders of these visas will not have the right to settle permanently in the UK, but they have the right to apply for indefinite leave to remain after 5 [...]

Changes to UK immigration rules from 6 July 2018

On June 15th, the UK Immigration agencies announced several changes to the immigration rules and laws. The changes will go into effect on July 6th, 2018 and affect Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 4 visas and other categories of immigrants. Caroline Nokes, UK Immigration Minister discussed the changes and stated that: “Today’s changes show that we are able to adapt to meet the demands of our frontline services and ensure we are able to attract people [...]

EU nationals may be charged with a fee of £65 in order to be permitted to remain in UK after Brexit

EU citizens who live in the UK and wish to remain there after Brexit finally takes place on March 29, 2018, will have to pay a fee of £65 to the Home Office in order to get a permanent residency. According to the UK Home Office Secretary Sajid Javid, EU nationals have time until June 2021 to send their passport and other documents to apply for a permanent residency, which was proposed by a scheme unveiled on June [...]

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