Citizens of the United Arab Emirates will be eligible to travel to the Commonwealth of Dominica without any visa requirement, the Dominican government has announced.

The decision came after the opening of the Embassy of Dominica in Abu Dhabi last month, VisaGuide.World reports.

Dominican citizens with ordinary passports can obtain their e-visas for entering to Emirates through the UAE official website, while the holders of Dominican diplomatic passports will be granted UAE visas upon arrival.

“[This decision is] a crucial link between what is in effect the Dominican diaspora, here, in the UAE and the homeland,” the Dominican Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit regarding the move. 

He also pointed out that as a result of the Citizenship by Investment Programme, Dominica already has a small but dynamic population that reside in the UAE, which contributes to the dynamism of its service sector and sustainable development at home.

According to Prime Minister Skerrit, the Dominican CBI programme remains unshaken.

“As a result of the success and good reputation of the CBI Programme, investors’ trust in both Dominica and its Programme remains unshaken. Dominica grants successful CBI applicants valuable citizenship benefits like family security, visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to 140 destinations and growing business opportunities,” Skerrit added.

Families and single individuals of Middle Eastern will be eligible to obtain Dominican citizenship after they finish all the diligence checks, by making investments into the island’s economy.

The United Arab Emirates introduced its long-stay visa’s plan, in November 2018 for the citizens who wish to live and work in one of the seven emirates. These visas will permit international investors to develop their businesses in Emirates, with visa validity from five to ten years.

The main visa types offered through this plan are for investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors and researchers. 

As per investors, a five-year residency visa, the minimum investment required in the UAE is Dh5 million, meanwhile, for a ten-year residency visa, the investment should be worth up to Dh10m.

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