United Arab Emirates Visa/Passport News

///United Arab Emirates Visa/Passport News

UAE Jumps Five Positions Up in the List of World’s Most Powerful Passports – Now Listed 15th

The United Arab Emirates passport is now the 15th most powerful passport to have in the world out of 102 positions occupied by 199 world passports, as often several countries share the same spot. The UAE passport has made the most drastic jump, climbing up the list from 20th to the 15th place, after it gained visa-free access to a number of African countries, including South Africa. Its nationals can now travel to 172 destinations out of [...]

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UAE Passport Is the Biggest Passport Index Climber in 10 years

The United Arab Emirates has taken the biggest steps in the Henley Passport Index in the last 10 years, with its citizens being able to visit 167 countries visa-free or with an e-visa or visa-on-arrival in 2019. From the 61st position in 2009, the UAE passport is now listed in the 20th place. According to the Henley Passport Index, a ranking of the passports of 199 countries, published by Henley & Partners, a firm focused on residence [...]

Russia Grants UAE Nationals with Visa-Free Entry

The Russian Federation has waived nationals of the United Arab Emigrated from the entry visa requirement.  According to a press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation starting February 17 this year, holders of UAE ordinary passports will be able to fly to Russia without the need of obtaining a visa in advance. "The decision was issued as part of an agreement that was signed in Kazan, Russia, with the attendance of H.H. Sheikh [...]

UAE introduces long-stay visas in a bid to support its economy

The United Arab Emirates will soon start granting foreigners that wish to live in any of its seven emirates, with long-stay visas. The Arab world’s second-largest economy plans to issue long-term visas valid from five to ten years, to: investors entrepreneurs scientists, doctors and researchers outstanding students Reportedly, such a move has been undertaken in a bid to support the economy of the country and real estate market, which are hurt by the recent low oil prices. [...]

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Dubai Sees Record 15.8 Million International Visitors in 2017

A record-breaking number of international tourists have visited the United Arab Emirates in 2017, making Dubai the fourth most visited city in the world. 15.79 million tourists visited the country last year, which is 6.2 percent more than in 2016, when the country welcomed 14.9 million visitors. The latest data published by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), show that Dubai is getting closer to its 2020 tourism target, which is to welcome 20 [...]

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