The United Arab Emirates has taken the biggest steps in the Henley Passport Index in the last 10 years, with its citizens being able to visit 167 countries visa-free or with an e-visa or visa-on-arrival in 2019. From the 61st position in 2009, the UAE passport is now listed in the 20th place.

According to the Henley Passport Index, a ranking of the passports of 199 countries, published by Henley & Partners, a firm focused on residence and citizenship planning, over the past five years, the UAE has more than doubled the number of destinations its citizens are able to travel to without a prior visa.

The UAE enters the top 20 for the first time. The country has climbed a record-breaking 41 places over the past decade,” the press release reads.

After the UAE, in the list of the biggest climbers come to Albania listed 52nd in 2019 from 76th in 2009, and Taiwan from 54th to 30th. Both countries are now listed 24 positions upper. Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia follow with +21 positions and Timor-Leste and Colombia with +19.

On the other hand, the top seven countries that have fallen down in the list are as follows:

  • Nigeria -31, from 67th position in 2009 to 98th in 2019
  • Sierra Leone -29, from 53rd position in 2009 to 83rd in 2019
  • Bangladesh -28, from 73rd position in 2009 to 101st in 2019
  • Syria -25, from 82nd position in 2009 to 107th in 2019
  • Mali -25, from 65th position in 2009 to 90th in 2019
  • Niger -25, from 65th position in 2009 to 90th in 2019
  • Senegal -25, from 64th position in 2009 to 89th in 2019

Meanwhile, the passports of Singapore and Japan have once again topped the Henley Passport Index, as the most powerful passports in the world. South Korea sits second, together with Finland and Germany. Denmark, Italy, and Luxembourg hold the third place, while France has dropped to 4th place, sharing this position with Spain and Sweden.

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