The US returns its normal visa service for Turkish citizens, the US embassy in Turkey announced this Thursday.

In October in the US embassy stationed in Turkey, a local staff employer was arrested for alleged espionage and ties with Gulen. This caused anger to the US’s consulate. Immediately, they started to halt too much of visa application service for Turkish citizens. In response, Turkey did the same for US citizens.

Now, the US embassy has returned its normal visa service for Turkish and so did they.

The US embassy considers that Turkey’s authorities have assured them they won’t stumble their local staff to perform their duties. Instead, Washington will be informed in advance if Turkey’s authorities have intentions of arresting any of the US embassy’s employers in Ankara, read their statement.

Turkey welcomed the US embassy’s decision by resuming normal visa services to the US citizens too. But they complain about the position the US is holding in this situation. Turkey insisted that they interfered nobody from doing their job. Also, they deny that have given assurances they won’t intervene in US embassy’s local staff in any condition.

“We do not approve of the United States, providing the Turkish and American public wrongful information,” it is said in Turkish statement.

The tension between NATO allies emerged when a government coup failed in July 2016. Turkish side accused the US-based Fetullah Gulen, but he has declined its involvement.

The United States is very concerned about Turkey’s alleged accusations on its citizens and its local staff who were arrested during and after the failed coup.

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