The Turkish Embassy in New Delhi has issued a note informing all Indian travelers wishing to visit Turkey that from October 28 and on, they will have to get their e-visa prior to their departure to Turkey. So far, Indian citizens alongside with nationals of few other countries have had the chance to obtain their e-visas upon their arrival at a Turkish airport.

However, according to a note posted in the website of the Turkish Embassy in New Delhi, e-visa kiosks at any airports in Istanbul will not be available after October 28, 2018.

“Please get your e-visa before your departure to Turkey after said date,” the note reads.

The Turkish culture and tourism counsellor at the Turkish embassy, Deniz Ersoz, said in an interview that Indians who only need to land at an airport in Turkey in order to transit to another country, do not need any type of visa.

“If passengers are not leaving international transit area, they do not need any type of visa. It is advised to confirm the matter with Airlines Company if exiting transit area would be needed,” he said.

Similarly, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have last week warned British travelers to Turkey, to obtain their e-visas before their trip. In addition, it also advised its citizens to be careful of unauthorized websites, which charge applicants with multiple times higher fees to apply for a Turkish e-visa.

Turkish E-Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Indian citizens wishing to enter Turkey for tourism or business, for stays up to 90 days may apply for an e-visa to Turkey. However, they will need to fulfill the following requirements in order to get the e-visa:

  • Passport must be valid for the whole period they plan to stay in Turkey.
  • Proof they hold a return ticket.
  • Hotel reservation or at least 50$ per each day of their stay.
  • Possession of a valid Supporting Document (Valid visa OR valid residence permit from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland). E-visas are not accepted as supporting documents.

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