Citizens from other countries who have completed their immunization process against the virus will no longer be subject to the COVID-19 PCR test when planning to enter Thailand after the latter’s government has decided to lift such a requirement.

Authorities in Thailand have confirmed that the PCR test requirement for vaccinated internationals will be officially lifted on May 1, 2022, VisaGuide.World reports.

Such measures have been taken as part of efforts to further facilitate the travel process amid the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

In addition, the Thailand Authority of Tourism (TAT) has confirmed that the country has also made several changes to the entry rules for persons who have completed their immunization process against the virus as well as unvaccinated ones.

Despite the fact that vaccinated travelers from other countries will no longer be obliged to undergo a COVID-19 PCR test before reaching Thailand, they will still be required to register for a Thailand Pass.

According to Taskforce spokesperson Taweesin Visanuyothin, authorities in Thailand will now only require arrivals to present valid proof of vaccination as well as health insurance coverage of at least $10,000.

“This will propel the economic (recovery) momentum since we are a country that relies quite heavily on tourism,” Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha, pointed out in this regard.

However, authorities in Thailand have clarified that the testing requirement, as well as the mandatory ten-day quarantine requirement, will continue to be effective for unvaccinated travelers as well as those who have not fully completed their immunization process.

The testing obligation and a 10-day quarantine remain only for unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated travelers.

According to the figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Thailand has registered a total of 4,106,230 cases of the Coronavirus and its new strains since January 3, 2020.

Besides, authorities in this country have announced that a total of 27,392 people in Thailand have lost their lives due to the virus.

Such figures have led the authorities in this country to keep in place strict entry rules and other restrictions in order to halt the further spread of the virus and also protect the citizens’ lives.

However, despite the current epidemiological situation, authorities in Thailand have decided to lift several measures taken due to the virus as part of efforts to facilitate the travel process and also help the country’s travel and tourism sector recover from the damages caused by the virus.

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