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Sri Lanka’s Army Chief Barred From Entering US

Sri Lanka’s army chief Shavendra Silva and his immediate family will not be permitted to enter the United States over the “credible” evidence of human rights violations in the civil war of 2009. Silva was reportedly the leader of an army division of the military offensive, in the northern war-zone, in Sri Lanka, who fought against the militant organization of Tamil Tiger that in their attempt to reach independence had been killed more than 100, 000 people, [...]

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Sri Lanka to Extend Visa-Free Regime Until April

Citizens of 48 countries will still be able to enter Sri Lanka, without the need to obtain a visa, due to a recent decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Sri Lanka who extended the visa-on-arrival scheme for three months. Sri Lanka’s visa-on-arrival was set to expire on January 31, but with the proposal for the extension of the Minister of Industrial Export and Investment Promotion Prasanna Ranatunga, it will last until April 30, VisaGuide.World reports. According [...]

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Sri Lanka Waives Tourist Visa Fees for Citizens of 48 Countries

Citizens of 48 world countries can now get a tourist and business visas for Sri Lanka without having to pay any fees. The move has been undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism in Sri Lanka in a bid to attract more tourists to the island country, in the wake of the Easter bomb attack that killed 263 people and left hurt many more, last April. John Amaratunga, Minister of Tourism in Sri Lanka, said on Wednesday that [...]

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