Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Russia has decided to suspend the processing of all documents as well as the issuance of visas, including electronic visas, Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry announced.

In addition, starting from March 18 until May 1, foreign citizens will be prohibited from entering Russia. The travel restrictions include Belarus as well, VisaGuide.World reports.

Diplomatic officials and persons who attend the funerals of close relatives will be exempted from the ban, as well as aeroplane crew members and emergency cases.

“Russia’s Energy Ministry has suspended the majority of its foreign and domestic business trips, except for urgent cases, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus,” Deputy Energy Minister Anastasia Bondarenko pointed out.

Russian Sheremetyevo Airport has closed C and E terminals, while for the reason of travel restrictions, too many flights have been suspended. Flights from the two closed terminals will be transferred at D and F terminals.

According to a spokesperson for Russia’s travel industry, tourists in Europe are trapped abroad due to the cancellation of their flights, while the borders remain closed.

Russia also decided to limit flights with Britain, the US, and the United Arab Emirates, Mikhail Mishustin Prime Minister of Russia announced.

Moscow has also taken further steps in the fight against coronavirus. From now until April 10, 2020, all public events larger than 50 people will be banned, while the older citizens are advised to stay at home, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin revealed in the new decree.

Sobyanin added that from March 21 to April 12, schools and universities will be temporarily closed.

As yet, a total of 199 citizens are reported to be infected with COVID-19, while one person has died. There are 252,000 people infected with the virus worldwide. Meanwhile, the global death toll from the novel coronavirus is 10,405.

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