Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has simplified the process of multi-entry working visas and increased to three years the period of validity for these visas issued for internationals acting as residents of the advance development territory (ADT) in the Far East and the Vladivostok Port.

Through the newly signed law of President, the multi-entry business visas will be issued for the period of over three years for internationals, employees of foreign companies as well as representatives, who agreed with ADT residents of the Far East or Vladivostok Free Port for investment program implementation.

So far, the validity of these visas has been 12 months only, VisaGuide.World reports.

The multi-entry visa of Russia enables internationals to enter the country as many times as they want.

Even though the multi-entry working visa has been simplified, coronavirus pandemic has pushed the country to take preventive measures amid the infection, imposing entry bans and travel restrictions, and suspending some visa processes and activities.

The Japanese government last week announced that the visa-free exchange program between Japan and Russia will be put off this year because of COVID-19.

Even though the program has been discussed to begin in July, as it normally starts in May, the Russian government stressed that the infection could be spread during the activity.

Furthermore, last month Russia suspended the processing of all documents and visa issuance, including electronic ones.

The decision has been announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, clarifying that starting from March 18 until May 1, Russia will close its borders for all internationals. Belarus is included in the travel restrictions as well.

Foreign citizens will be able to enter the country only for emergency cases.

Diplomatic officials and persons who attend funerals of close relatives will be also exempted from the ban, as well as aeroplane crew members.

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