Russia’s entry ban for Chinese citizens due to the coronavirus, will not include official, business, humanitarian and transit visas, the Foreign Ministry of Russia has revealed.

The temporary ban that came into force on Thursday, at midnight Moscow time, affects tourists, students, and citizens with working visas, VisaGuide.World reports.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Tatyana Golikova pointed out that the need for creating an entry ban for Chinese citizens came after coming to a conclusion that Russia lacks the capabilities to hospitalize Chinese travellers if needed.

“Ensuring quarantine conditions with permanent monitoring for thousands of travellers from China is unfeasible,” Golikova said.

Despite the facilitation created for Chinese citizens who want to enter into Russia for business or humanitarian purposes, the persons who come from China for these purposes account for only 10 per cent of all Chinese travellers.

According to the chair of Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center, Alexander Gabuyev, last year the number of all tourists who travelled to Russia reached 1.5 million.

However, tourism in Russia is expected to drop due to the 

decision of the Government of Russia to ban from entering Chinese citizens.

Russian tour operators could lose up to $47 million in profits in the next coming months, due to the restrictions introduced for China, Maya Lomidze, head of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia revealed.

China has been one of the most important economic partners for Russia, but according to Gubuyev, it’s difficult at this time to maintain good economic ties with China.

“This contradiction between the need to… control the spread of disease and at the same time to maintain good economic ties with China is dictating these two steps forward, one step back policy,” Gabuyev added.

So far, three cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Russia, two of them Chinese citizens, who were released after treatment. The other is a Russian citizen who has been infected while in the cruise ship known as Diamond Princess.

To tighten the control on its borders, Russia also has taken some further steps. It has decided to suspend all the trains to China and North Korea, to shut down its border with China and Mongolia and to extend the 

vacation of Chinese students until March 1.

As a prevention measure, hundreds of Russians who have returned home from China have been hospitalized while more than 14,000 people are still under medical control.

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