Vaccines may become mandatory for international travelers, as the government will insist on this issue, the Chief Executive of Australian airline Qantas, Alan Joyce, has declared for the BBC.

Joyce mentioned the fact that the vaccines against the Coronavirus pandemic are being considered essential by many governments worldwide to revive the tourism industry, which last year marked a 75.6 percent decrease in the number of international travelers, VisaGuide.World reports.

Whether it is a good idea or not, a digital green passport or vaccine passport is one of the critical topics that are being discussed by governments worldwide, especially when the summer holidays are just around the corner, and the majority of countries are working to implement operational plans to revive the tourism sector by that time.

Such a point of view has also been confirmed by Qantas’ director, who said that many governments talk about vaccination as “a condition of entry.”

He stressed that his airline should enforce its own policy and that the airline has a duty of care to its passengers and crew to say that everyone in the aircraft needs to be safe.

“The vast majority of our customers think this is a great idea – 90 percent of people that we’ve surveyed think it should be a requirement for people to be vaccinated to travel internationally,” Joyce stressed.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Australia has imposed many preventive measures to prevent the virus’s spread. The country’s government has closed its doors to almost all internationals and has also closed its internal borders.

Authorities in Australia imposed a travel ban on March 17 in a bid to halt the further spread of the disease.

The country’s Health Minister, Greg Hunt, previously confirmed that Australia would extend its international travel ban until June 17 due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 new strains.

The minister said that countries worldwide continue to pose an unacceptable public health risk to Australia’s borders.

However, Joyce thinks that “once we open up our international borders, we’re going to have the virus circulating,” even with vaccines.

“And that’s going to be a big change for a lot of Australia, to find that acceptable. We need people to understand they can’t have zero risks with this virus. We manage risk in so many different other ways for other parts of life,” Qantas’ Chief Executive pointed out.

Joyce said that internationally it’s going to take time to recover to 2019 levels.

Many countries are also pressuring the European Union to launch digital green certificates, facilitating travel within countries.

But some countries and organizations worldwide are not convinced that such a plan would help restore travel and revive tourism, including the World Health Organization.

As yet, Australia has registered  29,196 Coronavirus cases of the infection since the virus started to spread, while over 900 persons have died, based on figures published by Worldometers.

A total of 26,240 persons have been totally recovered from the virus in Australia, up to this point, while there are 2,047 active cases.