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Filipino Couples Separated by Travel Bans Urge Government to Help Them Reunite

When the Philippines closed its doors, back in March, hoping to stave off the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, a large number of couples were left separated, and haven’t seen each other for over six months now. Even though married couples are permitted to meet again in the Philippines, internationals who maintain a relationship with Filipinos, which usually were allowed to enter the country as tourists, are now included into the non-essential travel regulation, therefore are still [...]

Philippines Enables Internationals to Leave Without Visa Stamps

Foreign citizens with approved visa applications will be allowed to leave the Philipines even if their visas have not been implemented and stamped in their passports, Philipines Bureau of Immigration has announced. The Bureau Immigration chief Jaime H. Morente said that the move was an effort to help foreign nationals who need to return to their home countries immediately, despite not completing all the visa procedures,  VisaGuide.World reports. “I have instructed our Port Operations Division (POD) to [...]

Philippines Seeks to Ease the Visa Rules for Internationals, Amid Coronavirus

Foreign nationals stranded in the Philipines urged to comply with the quarantine directive, as the country seeks to ease the visa rules in the fight against coronavirus pandemic, The Philipines' Bureau of Immigration announced. The Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente advised internationals to stay at home and stay isolated, as for now this is the best solution to halt the spread of the infection. During the lockdown foreign citizens are urged not to go out and apply for [...]

Philippines Bans Foreign Nationals from Entering Amid COVID-19

Most of the foreigners, excepting few categories, will be ineligible to enter the Philippines, due to the country’s decision to ban foreigners from entering in a bid to curb the coronavirus pandemic spread. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, 157 countries who currently have visa-free facilitation, will be temporarily banned to enter the Philippines as the country declared a health emergency throughout the whole country. This decision will not apply to foreign spouses and children who [...]

Taiwan Considers Travel Restriction for Filipinos

Citizens of the Philippines may not be eligible to travel visa-free to Taiwan anymore, according to a recent announcement of the Taiwan authorities that they are looking forward to restricting visas to citizens of the Philippines after the latter included Taiwan in its ‘Coronavirus travel ban list’. The Coronavirus outbreak pushed the Philippines to add Taiwan to its travel restriction countries, after the World Health Organization listed the latter as a part of China and for that, [...]

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Philippines Bans Two US Senators – Threatens with Tightening of Entry Rules for Americans

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has banned two United States senators from entering the Philippines and has warned it would tighten entry procedures for Americans traveling to the Philippines if the US continues to criticize the Duterte government over the detention of a top government critic. “We will not sit idly if they continue to interfere with our processes as a sovereign state,” Philippine presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo announced. He made such statements throughout a news conference, following [...]

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